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Why, When And How To Manage Gossip

Gossip fritters away vital energy at different level-physical, emotional, intellectual (gross and subtle), alongwith possibilities of damaging trust, credibility, and relationships,” JP Singh

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Health And Fitness Goals For 2018

“Setting realistic health & fitness goals for 2018 will make you will feel more accomplished instead of regretful by the end of the year,” says Chaudhary who is a Certified Nutritionist and a Diabetes Educator

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Resolutions For The New Year

Making resolutions isn't such a bad thing, the key is not to make them so lofty that they become daunting or cumbersome to follow through, yet they should be definitive

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The Rise Of New Competency – Forgiveness

This world is full of things which we love and which we don’t. There are things which are pleasant and then, unpleasant. There are events which we celebrate and those which we grieve about. There are people who make us happy and those who make us sad. We have our likes and dislikes. And that’s how l

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When Nature Meets Science

Integrative medicine is the next wave in the healthcare sector

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How To Have Mentally Healthier Workplaces

Good mental health enables people to realize their full potential, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively, and contribute to their communities

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How To Handle Difficult Conversations At Work

Handling the difficult conversation requires skill and empathy, but ultimately, it requires the courage to go ahead and do it

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When Nature Meets Science

Integrative Medicine is the next wave in healthcare

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Ways To Handle Toxic Colleagues

In your workplace microcosm, there will always exist those coworkers who are toxic, who will exert great strain on your working relationships and hinder your job performance

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A New Era Of Treatment: Medicinal Cannabis In India

With the use of cannabis for medical use thoroughly ingrained in the Indian Ayurveda and Atharvaveda system, it is high time that there is a consensus about its huge medicinal potential

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Spearheading Domestic Violence On A Global Stage

We hope that the Ministry of Women and Children will seize the moment on this issue that affects half a million women globally a large portion of whic...

Creating Wealth With Bach Flower Therapy

If there is anything that man has chased the most and yet has been eluding him, by and large ages, it is money, wealth and financial abundance. ...

In Conversation With Co-Founders Rahul Gupta (CEO) And M.P. Deepu (COO) of SeniorWorld

Most companies design primarily for the youth and the Silver economy is an ignored segment, SeniorWorld wants to change this....

Ayushakti Releases A Research Report On A Study Of Swasawin Asthaloc

The research highlights the benefits of Swasawin Asthaloc tablets that resulted in significant improvement in the Breath Holding Time (BHT)....

Glass Ceiling And Its Effect On Mental Health

The entire debate around the inefficiency of women because of their parted roles at home and at the workplace is itself unfair and patriarchal....

Happiness Comes Out of Peace Within

Peace starts in one heart - and spreads to the world. We always bring those things to the world which are part of us. ...

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