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Depression: When Do You Need Professional Help

When you lose interest in things that you used to enjoy earlier. Depression makes us lose the sense of interest or pleasure that we used to derive from things. Activities such as walking, playing, holding conversations, cooking, watching TV, going out for meals or movies, and even having sex tend to

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There Is No Health Without Mental Health: Dr. Murli Doraiswamy

He stressed that Education is the single biggest tool we can use to remove the taboo surrounding mental health, which according to him should start early, in schools, and for sure in colleges

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As The World Is Ageing, India Is Getting Younger: KT Rama Rao

The minister of the youngest state in the country, KT Rama Rao spoke of the burden of expectation being a second-generation politician and his personal approach to work

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Why can’t we just say 'I'm Not Okay', Says Deepika Padukone At WEF

At the World Economic Forum, Dr Murli Doraiswamy and Deepika Padukone were in conversation with Barkha Dutt on the subject of mental health issues.

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Mindful Leadership – To Transform Yourself And Inspire Others

If our leaders choose to make the conscious choice of leading from the inside out, the dynamics of our interactions would be greatly enriched

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Mental Health At The Work Place

In a skewed way, the companies think that not speaking about the problem means that everything is under control and all is well - our workers are happy and emotionally healthy

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Seven Reasons To Take Alone Time

A handful of benefits emerge once you learn to embrace solitude. Once you learn to enjoy being alone, you grow as a person

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Five Traits Of A Good Boss

A good boss has the confidence in his employees. He or she knows the right person to delegate to keeping in mind strengths and weaknesses, without micro-managing. No one likes being watched over like a hawk

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5 Simple Ways To Deal With Difficult People

Difficult people will always exist in the world, so too will our power to choose how we respond to them. Do we let them make their pain our own? Or do we choose to transform that pain into personal growth and strength? Do we let them win? Or do we choose to win?

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5 Reasons To Set A Morning Routine

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” – Eric Thomas

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Centre For Sight Unveils Plans For CFS Vision (An Optical Retail Chain) With 500 Centres Over The Next Five Years

CFS Vision aspires to be the largest and comprehensive eye wear and eye care chain in the country....

VAHDAM® India Becomes The First Indian Brand To Partner With (RED)

Global Indian Wellness Brand, VAHDAM® India partners with (RED) to support the fight against pandemics and protect global health programs. ...

Mental Wellness At Workplace Define Organisation's Culture

This further calls for a hybrid work model, so employees can shape their work schedules as per their lifestyle choices, vis a vis shape their lifestyl...

Add A Silver Lining To Your Food And Health

Older cultures like the greek, Egyptians, Chinese and roman have also used silver extensively in their culinary patterns. ...

OZiva Launches Superfood Kids Range To Bridge The Gap Of Clean Nutrition For Growing Children

Introduces new sub-brand with 100% clean superfood gummies fortified with Ayurvedic herbs....

Swedish-Indian Startup Näck Launches With Vegan Products

Näck aims to simplify the modern wellness movement with healthy products and conversations and make the complex world of supplements easy to understan...

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