40 Under 40 Awarded At The BW Wellbeing World Awards, 2021

The awards ceremony took place after a daylong conference on ‘The Festival of Wellbeing’. Immune health, self-care and mental wellbeing are the buzzwords of 2021. These were highlighted at the conference.

40 winners under the age of 40 were chosen by the esteemed jury. Initially the jury-run process was divided into three phases. The first phase saw an outreach to over 2500 individuals and companies in this space. More than 250 nominations, through a combined process, were received. In the second phase, these nominations were vetted for their information and a total of 73 shortlisted entries were then presented to a jury panel. 

The jury members consisted of veterans and trendsetters such as Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine & Founder, YouCare – All about YOU; Arvind Bhandari, EVP and Director, Nestle; Gouri Shankar Tenginkai, Director, Novo Healthcare; Daksha Bharadwaj, Architect Partner Bharadwaj Bharadwaj and Associates; Trustee, Dr. Satyakam Vedic Research Foundation; Jwalant Swaroop, Founder and CEO Happiness Infinite Solutions; Raj Nayak, Founder and Managing Director, House of Cheer Network and Shashi Bhushan Dubey – Spiritual Coach and Business Mentor.

Also, in the jury panel were luminaries like Rituparna Bhayana, Energy Master Healer; Nitin Arora, Professor, Proctor & Author Head Reiki Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness, Amity International Business School, Amity University (AUUP);

Suzy Singh, Mental Health Coach & Grief Counsellor Suzyheals; Danijela Radonic Bhandari (Dana), Integrative Wellbeing Counsellor & Founder, DanaVeda; Subi Chaturvedi, PHD IITD, Chief Corporate & Public Affairs Officer, Zupee; Vani Gupta Dandia, Founder, Cherry Peach Plum Growth Partners; Manisha Arora, Director, Taf Wellness and Annurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-In-Chief, BW Businessworld and exchange4media Group.

The awards ceremony after the conference was very well appreciated by all. With eminent speakers who addressed key issues regarding wellbeing it was a great success. Talking about holistic lifestyles to health and disease, the power of intent was also highlighted. The importance of mental wellness along with a holistic view on enhancing sexual health and wellbeing, and talking about happiness being the new buzzword, brought up a lot of key points on how we can change for the better.

Vastu - The science of wellbeing, along with an array of other practices such as Gemology, Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology were also discussed. Proving our inner selves without keeping age in mind was followed by a discussion on awakening and strengthening our inner selves. The definition of wellbeing along with the learnings from the pandemic such as maintaining fitness was of great importance. The way introverts dealt with circumstances and how employees feel about their workplaces was also mentioned.

From spirituality to mindfulness while eating, the conference managed to cover everything to do with wellbeing. Defining wellbeing in the Light of Vedanta was very insightful. From karma to the importance of sleep, this definitely proved that the conference covered wellbeing in an entirely holistic manner. 

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