5 Commandments That Are Key For Holistic Wellbeing By His Grace Gaur Gopal Das

BW Wellbeing World hosted 'The Festival Of Wellbeing' where His Grace Gaur Gopal Das Spoke about 5 Commandments that are key for Holistic Wellbeing.

1. If it has to be, it has to be me

“If I have to be successful, if I have to buy a car, if I have to achieve a goal at my work, if I have to look a certain way, it is only ME who can make it happen” says His Grace Gaur Gopal Das Ji. “We have to stop looking at other to achieve our goals, whatever we want to do, we can do only by ourselves. We might fail, but we need to get up and get back. Don’t just GO through life, GROW through life” he added

2. What you value you prioritize, given attention and nurture

“We have a disease called no time disease, if we don’t have time to spend with ourselves where will we have time to spend with our family. We need to slowdown and pay attention to things that are important to us. Where attention goes energy follows” said His Grace Gaur Gopal Das

“What you value, you prioritize, what your prioritize you pay attention to, what you pay attention to, you nurture. And this is applicable to everything in our lives, relationships, work, goals, achievements” he added.

3. Gratitude is wellbeing, Count your blessings not others

“Everyday begin your day with gratitude, don’t just charge your phones, watches, tablets or laptops the first thing in the morning, charge yourself up with positivity that will last the whole day. And the powerful of all the positive emotions, that will make you feel empowered is ‘Gratitude’” stated his Grace Gaur Gopal Das ji

“Gratitude forces you to shift your attention to your blessings from your problems which is anyway going to be an integral part of all of our lives. Count your blessings and not others” he added.

4. Beware of toxic positivity

“Being grateful and positive during difficult times is indeed uplifting and empowering and very important as well but then it is also very important to ensure that positivity is not toxic. Toxic Positivity is the need to feel positive regardless of how you feel” stated his Grace Gaur Gopal Das ji

“I am not against being positive, I have written books, made number of videos on positivity, all I am saying is toxic positivity is not a feeling that springs naturally from the heart, it seem more to be like a forced imposition either by myself or others. That pressure to ‘have to” see a silver lining in everything is toxic. Toxici positivity denies my negative feelings, it denies I’m in pain, it denies that I’m just a human being not a super hero without any feelings and emotions from a movie. Such artificial positivity can be extremely harmful to our mental health” he added

5. In the noise don’t loose your inner voice and authenticity

In this age of the internet, there are multiple distractions, multiple social trends that makes people go through FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). “I think the human mind is a like a pendulum, the pendulum comes to its mean from the extremities by itself, but the mind does not come from the extremities of the past and the future by itself, we have to bring it there.” Says his Grace Gaur Gopal Das ji

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