5 Keys To Create A Deep Spiritual Journey

If you are filled with foolish pride and stubbornly insist on a destination that may not be the best for you then you are not going to receive what you actually need

Spirituality is the study of one self and understanding of the spirit. We are all spiritual beings and choosing to consciously practice spirituality is the personal choice that we are free to make. It does not matter whether you are an atheist or if you believe in god spirituality does not discriminate and can be practiced by anyone. Here are five ways that you can deep in your spiritual journey 

Drop down your ego 

When you are on a spiritual journey it does not matter what you think or do. What does matter is how you accept all the things that come your way. But all these guidelines are as instructed by the Guru of the master. When you are not arrogant you will be able to give space for the universe to plan something beautiful for you. If you are filled with foolish pride and stubbornly insist on a destination that may not be the best for you then you are not going to receive what you actually need.

Kindness with your words and actions 

In your spiritual journey you may come cross a number of people from different walks of life. In this process you must try and exercise kindness both in speech and an action sharing your love and light with all those you cross paths with. If you meet somebody that you do not think you are compatible with or someone that you dislike in this case you must maintain silence and prefer to not say anything. 

Surrender to your master 

This is a key point where you must surrender to your master. You may not be aware of what is around the corner and what practices you require that will strengthen your journey in spirituality et cetera. Your Guru or master has all the knowledge required to protect, guide, and help you along your journey overcoming obstacles and gaining strength to achieve your goals. This nature of surrender to your Guru will allow you to reap more benefits and even get those that may take longer than usual. 

Unconditional services 

Perform unconditional services along your journey to accumulate spiritual wealth in the form of blessings and divine gifts. Your objective and only goal must be in doing these acts of unconditional services and not be distracted by enjoyment. The moment that you desire enjoyment you will start depleting all the spiritual gifts that you have gained. And this is why your main purpose must be in accumulating so many spiritual blessings that even if you enjoy yourself you will still not lose anything. 

Stay in receptive mood 

This journey is successful only when you are in receptive mode. For example, with a good network you will be able to receive calls on your phone from anywhere. But on the other hand if you are not subscribed to a strong network then your connection is weak making you miss many calls no matter how expensive or advanced your phone can be. Avoid getting into long heated arguments and learn to let go of the small things that do not matter in the larger picture. All this will help you to become more receptive to receive goodness and spiritual growth.

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