Aicte And YOL Announce The Launch Of The Biggest Block Chain Of Happiness.

5ire signs with YOL-YourOneLife through IBA for a unique happiness blockchain.

AICTE announced the launch of the biggest block chain of happiness in the world.

The happiness block chain titled, YourOneLife has been founded by Yogesh Kochhar and Anoop Bansal in association with a UK based company, 5ire and the Indian block chain alliance 

AICTE is the technical and higher education regulator in the country that governs over 10000 higher ed and technical colleges and universities in India impacting over 7 million students.

5ire is a company based in England and is a block chain ecosystem that brings forward Sustainability, Technology & innovation to build the 5th Industrial revolution

YOL-YourOneLife is an app that has developed a model and an app titled: YOL-YourOneLife and is in the business of creating and developing a sustainable model of Happiness in the world. 

The model has three basic features:

1) Assessing the happiness Index of an individual and an institution

2) Assessing the mindshare of an individual or an institution

3) Assessing the mind map of an individual or an institution. 

It has received acclaim from Prof Phoebe Koundouri, Co Chair, Europe and Greece, UN SDSN, spoke on the occasion and complimented this unique platform created by YOL-YourOneLife and confirmed that she would be taking this on record with the UN SDSN.

YOL has expanded its outreach across Europe by creating a strategic tie up through the Greek Chamber of Commerce.

The app measures and calibrates individual and institutional happiness based on an organic engagement with its users.

The tie up represents allocation of NFTs to the user through a unique mechanism developed by 5ire. based in London. It shall also release monetary grants of upto usd 10000/- to select institutions in addition to providing free courses on block chain on the AICTE website.

Speaking on the occasion, Raj Kapoor the strategic lead in India for 5ire and the president of India Blockchain Alliance, said , “The basis of life and her struggles is the pursuit of Happiness and thus happiness NFT created by YOL-YourOneLife meets that objective.”

Speaking on the occasion Prof. Anil D Sahasrabudhe, Chairman AICTE said, “this will improve the lives, and spatial & temporal abilities of all the over 7 million students involved in higher education. We have already recommended that institutions may even allot 1 credit per semester to students that shall use this app”

Yogi Kochhar the founder of the app together with his co founder, Anoop Bansal said, “YOL” has been designed in form and substance as the Happiness currency.

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