Alignment Techniques And Principles For Good Health

Balance is one of the most important elements of living a holistic life. Without balance there will always be chaos that ensues

In today’s day and age where we are constantly exposed to heightened sensorial elements from the moment, we open our eyes to when we go to sleep, there is definitely a need to form practice and embrace a lifestyle that helps our mind, body and soul in the long haul. Here are a few alignment principles to keep in mind.

1- Alignment with nature: When we become aware of the laws of nature and tune into them we are able to live a healthier life. Furthermore, turning towards holistic fitness regimes like Yoga, grounds you in a way which tunes your mind to come in alignment. The ripple effect this has on mental health is tenfold.

- Sleep: It’s important to align your circadian rhythm or your sleep wake cycle based on where you are and the time of the year. An easy way to make a note of this cycle is to observe when birds wake up in the morning and when they retire to their nests in the evening.

- Food: Understanding your body type and eating according to its needs. Food must be adapted based on various factors like geographic Location, current health or disease of body, time of the year, age and level of activity. You are what you eat literally! So, eat more of what you’re deficient of and less of what your body is accumulating.

- Lifestyle and activity: It’s important to have a moderately active lifestyle. In the blue zones of the world where people have the highest life expectancy. It was found that people were involved in constant movement with gardening, walking, completing chores. And you may not always be able to adopt the above activities if you live in a city but you can create situations to move a little bit extra every day - climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, including an everyday non-negotiable walk, walking to get groceries or food instead of take away, cleaning and organzing your own home.

- Stress management: Finding tools and resources to check in with yourself and notice when you may be experience stress and try to relax yourself right there and then. So regular check ins. Setting boundaries with work and devices. Taking time out to relax, unwind, do nothing, breath or meditate. Spending time with community or in nature.

These are four of our strong pillars for good health. If for some reason one of the above is out of balance we must try and strive to have at least the other three in place. Because our bodies are resilient to adjust without one of the pillars. But if we are only operating on two or one pillar as many people are that will catch up at some point.

2. Structural Alignment: Yoga comes to mind first when we think of alignment of the body. And yoga can be a great tool for a beginner to learn about alignment in their body and become more aware of their physical structure. Posture correction, learning to sit, stand and move correctly can be learnt through yoga Asana. However, this is not limited to yoga and many other forms of fitness exist that can help you achieve this however nothing in my opinion comes close alignment yoga. Finding the right kind of exercise or Asana program is key. Listening to your body and working with it not against it. Taking suggestions for rest, recovery. If you only focus on strength exercises then I urge you to give your body the treat of mobility and regular stretching.

Being in tune with your breath. Checking in regularly. Whether or not you practice breathwork or pranayama make it a point to keep noticing your breath. Taking deep breaths whenever needed. Infact let’s take 3 conscious deep breaths right no 1 inhale exhale….2….3. Most of the time we are in a state of survival with just shallow breathing. You can see what 3 breaths did. Regular focus on your breath helps align with your Pranic body.

3. Alignment with your heart: From the day we start breathing, the heart beats day in and out for your present and future. Our emotions are very much tied with it and while the mind allows us to take all the risk based and calculated decisions in life, it’s the heart that pushes the needle when it comes to our ability to live our best lives. Being in touch with your emotions and truly understanding them allows you to live a very balanced life. Meditation, journaling, travelling, readying are all tools that can help you align better with yourself. Taking it one step further, to deal with it in the most constructive and progressive way, therapy is something no one should shy away from. It helps bring perspective when life happens and we want to take back control. It’s also an important element to help understand societal happenings and people. It really helps keep your heart gentle.

Lastly, community and family(whatever that looks like for you) will always be good for you and your heart. As social animals, we are not meant to live and experience life in isolation. What a shoulder to cry on can do for you will never be compensated with any sort of temporary solution online or in the materialistic world. It really does take a village sometimes to get you back to your feet. So, open your heart towards it. Your soul will thank you for it.

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