Awakening And Strengthening Our 'Inner-net' Connection

"Every day before you go on the Internet, make sure you visit your Inner-net too. You will discover so much valuable information there," says Danijela Radonic Bhandari, Integrative Wellbeing Counsellor and Founder DanaVeda

In today's world, so much of our attention is invested outwards. The Internet is such a crucial component of our existence. However, to balance this strong, almost intimate connection with the outer world, it is essential to build a more potent or equal connection with our inner world or inner self. So, what can be called the 'inner-net connection' is our deepest connection with ourselves. It is a subtle network that allows the most profound communication between all different aspects of our existence. Accessing that subtle network is the capability of which each one of us has.

Advocating this 'inner-net connection', Danijela Radonic Bhandari, Integrative Wellbeing Counsellor and Founder DanaVeda, says, "There are different ways and techniques that can be utilised, and I certainly love breath as a tool to anchor me deeper into myself. There are many other practises such as journaling, gazing into our own eyes in front of a mirror, lovingly connecting to our heart and seeking guidance there, mindfully spending time immersed in nature, attending to our emotions not only comfortable, but uncomfortable ones as well, meditation, and so on. When we attend to all these different layers of our being, from our physical to energy, emotional, mental, and spiritual body, we travel the bio-individual journey of tapping into and connecting with this powerful network."

So, once awakened and established, Danijela further explains how to ensure that our inner network is always functional, strong, and supported. "Just like in any technological context, there cannot be a transmitter or conductor that can carry something valuable while being blocked or broken, often even weak, in the same way, there will be different tools associated with maintaining different layers of our existence in order for them to function to their potential. Our internal self is deeply connected to and affected by different external stimuli and our response to them. From the fundamental nutritional aspect, which includes nutri-dense and non-inflammatory diet, to adequate and rejuvenating sleep, regular body movement, emotional and mental health, including regularly checking in with ourselves on kinds of emotions and thoughts in which our existence is marinated throughout the day, to, of course, spiritual practices, such as meditation, mindfulness, chanting, or quieting our mind in just about any possible way which resonates with you, all these elements will ensure that our energy supply is continuous and our inner network is strong."

Asked about her integrative wellbeing approach where hypnotherapy, which is often misunderstood, plays an important role, she explains, "There is certainly more and more awareness about clinical hypnotherapy and differentiation between a hypnosis, especially a stage hypnosis, which is performed for the sake of entertainment and clinical hypnotherapy which indicates that those who conduct the sessions are trained therapists who are not only going to access your subconscious mind but also guide you through the process of addressing the problem in their qualified way".

Sharing her personal experience, Danijela adds, "In the context of the inner-net, the most profound experiences I had were through hypnotherapy where I got guidance at the most painful stage of my life when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My cells conveyed the message at that time that I was not aligned with the purpose of my life and not supporting my life mission, so my body decided to stop supporting me. Our joints are the support system of our body, so it was my joints that packed up in order to convey this alarming message to get back on track. So when I talk about inner-net, this is what I refer to - deeply listening and allowing ourselves to be guided," she concludes.

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