Benefits of Virtual Therapy For Mental Wellbeing

The uncertainty of the situation has triggered an array of emotional and psychological issues for people.

The pandemic has changed our lives in a hundred different ways, pushing most of our 'normal' life experiences within the confinement of four walls. While almost every professional activity is getting virtual, consulting a mental health professional is no exception. In a pre-pandemic setting, seeing a therapist would involve commuting to their office, waiting for your turn, and speaking to them for a considerable amount of time before returning home. Cut to 2021, it has become possible to attend a therapy session from the comfort of your own house, via a simple video conferencing platform like Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

The uncertainty of the situation has triggered an array of emotional and psychological issues for people. Thus, seeking mental health support during the pandemic is something more and more people are looking for. Whether you are planning to switch to virtual therapy or start therapy for the first time, online therapy can help you navigate through these tough times. Here are some of the benefits of virtual therapy for mental wellbeing:

Online therapy is accessible

With the recent surge in fresh Covid cases, the chances of an in-person meeting seem bleak, leading to stress, anxiety, depression, and worsening mental health for many. This is exactly where a virtual therapy session comes to the rescue. People can have access to specialists from all over the country without having to travel a great deal. The fear of contracting the virus while commuting for a session is out of the picture, as patients can attend these sessions from the comfort of their homes.

Remote sessions are also beneficial for those living in small towns and rural areas who do not have the access or means to reach out to a therapist. Furthermore, people can reach out to their therapists instantly via call, text, or video conferencing in case of emergencies, rather than waiting for their next appointment.

Convenient and affordable

Virtual therapy allows you to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Meeting via video call, text or a phone call reduces the stress of commuting, facing the traffic, or having to cancel an appointment due to other obligations. People can attend a session from the comfort of their homes while wearing pyjamas, or probably lying on a sofa, as there are absolutely no limitations. This enables them to feel more at ease and can possibly eliminate the stigma that surrounds mental health care.

Online therapy is as effective as a physical session and is a more economical option. A physical session can cost you around Rs. 1000-3000 whereas online sessions are available for as low as Rs. 500 per session in India.

Virtual therapy sessions provide a sense of intimacy

Even without the usual face-to-face interaction, virtual therapy can be surprisingly intimate. In fact, it may even be more personal since your therapist can have a real-time look into your surroundings that a physical office setting would never allow. Sharing your house or your surroundings with your therapist can help them understand and visualize your backdrop, what you’re talking about, and reduce the awkwardness of meeting in an office setting.

Offers consistency

Since everything is done online, virtual therapy offers more flexibility. Patients can schedule sessions at their convenience and manage work simultaneously. With fewer issues in scheduling a session, patients can have more frequent sessions if need be. This enables them to progress faster and feel better sooner.

Reduced travel costs

Last but not the least, virtual therapy does reduce travel costs. The only prerequisite for an online therapy session is a good internet connection. By reducing travel time and costs, you can have additional resources for self-care.

Virtual therapy may not be an ideal choice for most people, but it is a great alternative to receive support, given the current health climate. Since the pandemic has forced us back into our homes, virtual therapy has allowed many people to keep in touch with their therapists. In fact, it is a great first step for people seeking help during the lockdown. Almost everyone has been negatively affected one way or another and having continued access to therapy via online platforms serves as important support during these trying times.

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