Colour Connection

Because we associate colors with certain things, colors have a special meaning for us.

Colours can uplift our mood anytime and anywhere. Every person has favorite colors; the ones that they like to wear, the ones they prefer to surround themselves with, and the ones that remind them of happy memories. The impact of color on us is far greater than that of words.

As a result, it shouldn't be a surprise that colors often create patterns around us, evoking various emotions, feelings, and behaviors. Because we associate colors with certain things, colors have a special meaning for us. Blue represents calm, like the sky or the sea, green represents the growth of nature, and orange signifies the heat of a fire. Through the colors in our environment, we can find balance, pleasure, and calm in our lives. Here is a short guide to how colors affect us.


We feel connected to the cosmos through purple's hue. When you are focused on petty details and petty gripes, or when you want to feel more connected to a goal, consider introducing more purple into your environment.

Dark Blue

Bring dark blues into your sleeping area if you are feeling fragile or flighty, or if you are having difficulty sleeping.

Light Blue

Look up at the clear blue sky on a sunny day and imagine the peaceful joy that comes to your heart. You can create a sense of serenity in your home or office using this hue. It can be used in many ways. Utilize this color to enhance your sense of serenity and to build a closer relationship with the universe.


Kindness, care, and affection are all reflected in this hue. Consider incorporating more pinks into your surroundings if you are lacking in grace or empathy.


A green environment can also improve mental health and happiness, allowing you to access optimism more easily. Keep it away from areas where you need to be calm and relaxed to avoid overwhelming people. This hue is ideal for locations where you need to feel creative and active.


When you are feeling stuck or depressed, yellow, like the sun, can lift your spirits. If you are looking for ways to add more joy to your life, or if you want a change of pace, consider incorporating more yellow throughout your house.


This hue has a lot of scientific research behind it. The brain interprets it as hazardous, triggering our flight-or-fight response, which in turn boosts our energy, strength, confidence, and power. It also helps us get more in touch with our actual environment, so our connection to reality is strengthened. Red gives us strength and power when we need them, but the heightened level of energy can also impair our ability to make decisions. If you need to maintain your ground or trust yourself, then use it, but avoid it if an issue requires thorough study.

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