Focus More On Employee Health Goals Using Vantage Fit

People from all across the globe, irrespective of gender or age, set targets to achieve their fitness and health goals.

Good health is aspired by all, and nothing beats the popularity of health resolutions at the beginning of every year. People from all across the globe, irrespective of gender or age, set targets to achieve their fitness and health goals.

While it is a different topic altogether if people achieve their fitness goals or not, in this article, we will talk about something more specific to organizations and employees. We will look at the importance of employee health and how employers can achieve employee health goals using Vantage Fit, an AI-powered corporate wellness solution.

Why is Employee Health the need of the hour?

It is a well-known fact that corporate life is full of work stress and sedentary behavior. The former can significantly affect people's mental health, whereas the latter can cause serious physical health complications like neck and back pain.

People working in a corporate environment have tight schedules and often find it tough to maintain a healthy daily routine. This makes them more prone to unhealthy behaviors and health risks.

Chronic health issues among employees cost US employers $36.4 billion a year due to employees missing days of work.

Poor employee health is one of the prime reasons for low employee productivity. And it is often said that healthy employees are the pillars of a successful organization. Therefore, it is a major requirement for employers to ensure that their employees are fit and healthy.

Furthermore, the current COVID-19 situation and consequent remote working have also added to the employee health woes for their employers.

All the above factors have led to the prominence and use of corporate wellness programs in organizations. Such programs allow employers to focus on employee wellness by incorporating various wellness activities and contests.

In 2017, 39% of private industry workers and 63% of state and local government employees had access to wellness programs.

Thirty-nine percent of private industry workers and 63 percent of state and local government workers had access to such benefits in 2017.

While wellness programs help improve employee health, they often have some shortcomings. Especially in a time of digitization and work-from-home, wellness programs have to be designed keeping in mind the challenges associated with the former to be effective.

Vantage Fit - The All-in-One Corporate Wellness Solution

The Corporate wellness market is a vast one, owing to the demand caused by organizations worldwide. And in a market full of different wellness solutions, Vantage Fit is a swan among ducklings.

It is an AI-powered digital wellness platform that allows employers to effortlessly create and customize wellness programs and initiatives. With features like health campaigns, advanced analytics, real-time leaderboard, heart-rate monitoring, fitness tracking, and more, it checks all the boxes you might look for when choosing an employee wellness solution.

One of the many USPs of Vantage Fit is that it allows employers to incentivize and gamify their wellness contests using a point-based reward system. Upon completion of tasks, users can win points that can be redeemed across various global brands.

Vantage Fit's features, combined with the ease of use and the intuitiveness the platform offers, make it an effective tool for employers looking to prioritize employee health in their organizations and help their employees achieve their fitness and health goals.

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