Global Hospital (Parel) & Masina Hospital (Byculla) Organized A Music Therapy Session for The Wellbeing of Nurses

The video of the session recently went viral on social networking sites and won hearts across the country for the amazing attempt.

This global COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world the important role that nurses play in keeping people healthy across the lifespan. Therefore, on the occasion of International Nurses Day, Furtados School of Music had organized a music therapy session for the nurses of Masina and Global Hospital Parel, Mumbai that helped the nurses to de-stress themselves, and understand the power of calmness while being on the job. Since Nurses are the most integral part of Healthcare, Global Hospital Parel, Mumbai and Masina Hospital realized the need for a therapy that eased their staff & music was the answer to help the nurses regain their mental strength with hope & positivity.

Ms. Jessica D'Souza, Chief Nursing Officer, Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai said, “The pandemic has been overwhelming and has caused enormous pressures on our nurses. However it is also a shining light on their incredible commitment and courage. What the pandemic has also done is given us the opportunity to call for a reset and the opportunity to explore new models of care where nurses are at the centre of our health systems. With that vision, strengthening the mental muscle of our nurses, we did a music therapy session today that gave us all a ray of hope that tomorrow will be better. We are so thankful to Furtados School Of Music for curating this session to uplift the mood at Global Hospital Parel, Mumbai with the promise of positivity.” The pandemic has redefined doctor/nurse relationships with the patients. While some patients have found a god mother in nurses who are actively helping them heal faster, some have found a sister who consistently pushes them to think of positive outcomes. Surrounded by negativity, the mental wellbeing is bound to suffer after a year-long drill of saving lives in these challenging times. This is where Furtados School of Music, Masina Hospital and Global Hospital Parel, Mumbai decided to influence emotions, feelings and thoughts with Music and pay gratitude to nurses by making a difference on their psychological health. This marked the expression of thankfulness for their selfless commitment to the patient’s recovery. Moreover, help them in attaining a sense of mental relief from the emotional stress they have been experiencing for the past two years.

Adding to it Dr. Sahir Jamati, Manager of Healthcare Services, Masina Hospital said,” Masina Hospital would like to Thank the entire team of Furtados school of Music for arranging such an amazing fulfilled & Jamming session with the Nursing team of Masina Hospital. Nurses are sent on the earth like angels to take care & comfort the sick. Today the Furtados school of Music team have taken an extra effort to comfort & care for these angels.”

Penning her thoughts on the idea of relieving mental pressure of the frontline workers, Ms. Tanuja Gomes, CO-Founder and Co-CEO, Furtados School of Music said, “For decades, mental health has been neglected, and it is past time to address the pressures, stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues that plague us today. Our frontline staff, who, as we all know, have showcased immense resilience and have selflessly devoted themselves in ensuring the safety of the patients. It's time for us to rally behind them and help them battle Covid. This is our fight. We should all contribute in our own special ways, even if it's just for 60 minutes of pure happiness. It's a sheer pleasure for us to use music to spread positivity with our frontline workers and thank them for the sacrifices they've been making for us, as music has always been an important component for reliving stress and helping the mind concentrate better.”

The video of the session recently went viral on social networking sites and won hearts across the country for the amazing attempt. 

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