How Architects Play A Vital Role in Your Happiness - The Vaastu Way

When the architect plans your dream home, the small negligence of following Vaastu can cause profound joy or pain in your life.

Many people dream of owning an abode, but very few are lucky enough to make their dreams come true. A house becomes a home by the members who live in it. However, your architect plays a crucial role in the happiness of your family. When the architect plans your dream home, the small negligence of following Vaastu can cause profound joy or pain in your life.

A Vaastu practice is mainly followed to achieve overall wellbeing and prosperity. Vastu Shastra architecture revolves around the structure and design of a building. By having the right shape or shell, a home can channel the right energy and prevent negativity from coming in. Vaastu principles are best conducted using symmetrical or right-angled shapes, such as rectangles and squares. Houses with these plot shapes are prosperous and happy. Ancient science believes that irregular or curved-shaped buildings (oval, circular, or semi-circular) restrict an individual's growth and cause various health problems, losses, and a general feeling of unhappiness in the individual life. According to Vaastu Shastra, spaces are organized and shaped based on their functions and purposes within a room, a structure, or a collection of rooms. Vaastu Shastra has been incorporated into the design of cities, towns, gardens, roads, and water systems, as well as in cities, townships, playrooms, offices, and prayer rooms. Besides illustrating how to build a building, Vaastu offers guidelines for designing it. An architect can play a vital role in your happiness and prosperity by following or not following the Vaastu norms. As an Architect, you can look up to few factors while designing. In the context of Vaastu Shastra, which encourages positive energy flow, the setting of the house property-which identifies the location and orientation of the living space-is crucial because it establishes the flow of positive energy. Vaastu Shastra says any direction a home faces is good, whether it's East, West, North, or South because every one of them has advantages but, an architect could look for some of the following instructions while designing and planning:

· Positioning the puja room in your house affects prosperity and peace in the home.

· A furniture arrangement can influence a room's energy balance, affecting health and mental wellbeing.

· Health and happiness can be enhanced by placing mirrors in the key locations in the home.

· For healthy and hygienic environment water should be placed correctly.

· Choosing the right colors for every room in the house can also affect the mood or feeling in the room and should be done with care.

So, next time you look to purchase a property, ensure and check if your architect knows the basics of Vaastu and live your life with happiness.

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