How Eating Habits Impact The Heart Health Of Professionals

The change that the pandemic has brought in has enabled people to have a positive outlook towards healthy eating, which was other was considered dull and boring.

People across all walks of life are experiencing a change in their day to day lifestyle; amongst all, corporate employees have seen a major transformation due to WFH set up. People now are inclined towards prioritising their health like never before. It has become important to understand the underlying conditions that arises through work-related stress and adversely impacts the heart health.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) more than four out of five people under the age of 60 – 70 years of age suffer from heart disease. Hence there is immense amount of innovation happening in the corporate kitchen to make the food at work exciting and as well as healthy at the same time. While the organizations are recognizing the importance of employees’ health.

As a practice, the variety of food served at workplace is now limited as compared to the pre-covid era and more importance has been given to the nutritional value. Along with food, varieties of teas and healthy concoction of herbs to strengthen and calm the immunity, wherever applicable.

As per a recent study, consuming oily and high-fat level food regularly can impact the body clock in the brain, ultimately impacting overall health, hormonal functioning and appetite. This is one of the major reasons that leads to overeating and obesity. Hence, portion control is also essential for employees as it is one of the most lethal factor that causes almost every health problem. Food items that are served comes informed with the amount of calories it carries along. Work place should encourage employees to buy foods that have been physically and chemically modified, such as salt-reduced cheese and skimmed milk, supposedly to make them healthier. This is mainly backed by the dual reason of ensuring good health of employees and enabling optimum productivity at work.

Looking at the larger picture, the change that the pandemic has brought in has enabled people to have a positive outlook towards healthy eating, which was other was considered dull and boring.

As we foresee, there is a plethora of innovations we expect to come up in the next few years where there will be more importance given to individual dietary preferences that will mapped through Artificial Intelligence. To sum this up, heart health of the corporate employees is directly related to productivity of the employee and food is the best way to keep the same in check. 

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