How Medical Science Acknowledges Yoga

In spite of comforts and luxury people have lost peace of mind for they are wandering and found solace in the ancient Indian science of yoga.

All over the globe due to modernization and mechanization human being is becoming like a machine. In rat race, he is running after to get more and more comforts. In these efforts, he is forgetting about his health, mental tension is mounting. Modern medical science has increased the life expectancy of the man but he is suffering from non-communicable diseases like diabetes, High Blood pressure, obesity, Heart attack and psychiatric problems which require lifelong treatment which is burning problem of today’s world.

People have become rich by material wealth and they enjoy luxurious life. In spite of comforts and luxury they have lost peace of mind for they are wandering and found solace in ancient Indian science of yoga.

Hath yoga is an ancient Indian heritage, is today's necessity & going to be tomorrow's culture. The Hath yoga, consists of eight-fold path & with daily practice of yoga one can remain totally healthy as defined by W.H.O. which is at physical, mental, social & spiritual level. Earlier days yoga practices were used for preventive purposes and health was a side product. Yoga has got a holistic approach; by practicing this one can get total health as all systems in body functions properly. On the contrary modern science has divided the human-being in multiple pieces & each piece is treated by separate specialist without knowing what is happening with the other piece. Yoga practices can be used as Preventive, Curative, Adjuvant and also Palliative. Yoga is 5000-year-old time tested science which does not need to prove by itself. Recently Modern medical science is looking at Yoga as an important tool to achieve mental health or peace which is not that easy with modern medicine. To make it more acceptable to modern medical science, lot of research has been done to prove the efficacy of Yoga in the health as well as in disorders with the help of modern medical parameters. I being the surgeon, representative of most modern medicine does agree that in acute conditions and where surgery is required no pathy works except allopathy. But if Yoga is used as preventive, can keep many diseases away. Global acceptance of Yoga is evident from the very fact that 177 countries have agreed to celebrate the International Yoga Day on the request by Honorary Prime Minister.

A chapter on Yoga has been added in the Physiology subject taught to First M.B.B.S. students. Similarly, Yoga has been introduced in foundation course of medical students. More and more Medical persons are showing interest in learning Yoga, practicing themselves and also doing research in it. I am sure in future the Medical person will only take it ahead very efficiently to the common man who is facing the brunt of the modernization of 21st Century.

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