How To Take Care Of Your Emotional And Mental Well-Being During The Pandemic?

In such times, it is understandable to feel a diverse range of emotions such as sadness, fear or anger, and to experience anxiety or hopelessness.

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly altered the way in which we used to perceive ourselves and the larger world. The whole world has collectively experienced the shifts that have accompanied this pandemic- be it a threat to our lives and those of our loved ones or be it social isolation.

In such times, it is understandable to feel a diverse range of emotions such as sadness, fear or anger, and to experience anxiety or hopelessness. We might not have control over the course of this pandemic; however, we can engage in certain actions to help mitigate the effect of this pandemic on our well-being.

Some of the ways in which we can take care of our emotional and mental well-being are as follows:

1) Create new routines

Having routines can help provide structure to our life. If we incorporate old and new habits in our routine, it can help us to gain a sense of control in our lives, which could lead us to experience a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

2) Engage in Self Care -

Self-care can include any activity that involves taking care of ourselves to enhance our well-being or feeling good. We can take some time to do the things we enjoy, which could be as simple as reading a book or listening to music. In addition, taking care of our food and sleeping patterns can also help elevate our mood.

Research conducted by Lades et al (2020) shows that although most time was spent in the home (74%) during the pandemic, the time spent outdoors (8%) had increased the positive affect and reduced negative emotions in the mind. Exercising, going for walks, gardening, and pursuing hobbies are some of the activities that were associated with the greatest benefits.

3) Seek social support-

The social isolation caused by covid-19 has had a great impact on our social relations and our relationship with our environment. While it is important to practice social distancing, we should reach out to our friends and family members through virtual mediums if not physical, which can help us to feel more connected with them and making us feel more positive.

4) Practice mindfulness-

The idea of mindfulness is to do one thing at a time with attention and acceptance. It involves focusing on the activity in which we are engaging, being aware about it and being non-judgmental about the emotions and thoughts that come to our mind. Self-awareness as well as acknowledgement of our thoughts and emotions can help us to stay in the present, instead of focusing on the future or the past.

For instance, we can be mindful while drinking a cup of tea or coffee by focusing on the aroma of the drink, the warmth of the cup, and the taste of the beverage. Even if our attention falters, it is important to remind ourselves that it is okay if that happens. We need to give space to our thoughts and emotions so that we can observe them and acknowledge them, without any judgment. A lot of rehab centres such as Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness have dedicated in-house mindfulness experts and meditations guides.

5) Ask for help-

Do not hesitate to seek professional help if you feel that you require support and assistance during these times. Visit doctors or take a break at an in patient luxury facility like Veda rehabilitation and wellness.

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered our worldview of what it means to be normal. However, we need to remind ourselves that in the face of adversity, it is okay to feel sad, hopeless, angry or dejected. We should not invalidate our emotions, but we should also remember that we have the agency to engage in little actions each day that can enhance our emotional and mental wellbeing.

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