Importance Of A Routine For Good Mental Well-Being

Paulo Coelho once said, "If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal!"

Even if people don't typically thrive on a strict schedule, having a routine can be helpful in times of unpredictability, uncertainty, and stress. Implementing a structure to the day can give us a sense of control. It can also improve one’s focus, way of organising things, and their productivity level.

Mental health, being as sensitive as a freshly plucked ball of cotton from the field could get disruptive in an instant and turn our world upside down- leaving us with a feeling of a void or being numb. To prevent any of such changes, one needs to steer themselves into a positive direction and make adjustments to their lives while making room for sanity and good emotional well-being.

It can sound counterintuitive but developing a daily routine can help us to feel more in control of everything, and help us to make room for all that’s important. Routine can aid our mental health. It can help us to cope with change, to form healthy habits, and to reduce our stress levels.

Why is a routine important?

It’s surprising how people can so easily fall out of a routine, especially in these strange times where they are spending a lot of time indoors. Whether they are self-isolating, working from home or social distance, keeping up the daily routine is still important. Sticking to a routine helps to keep the mind occupied, makes us feel more in control of everything, and helps reduce stress levels. Somewhere if they lack a routine. They don't have enough time to get invested in anything. Be it work, home, fitness. This could be a very significant sign for new mothers to set a routine for themselves and be on schedule.

Routines helping in boosting discipline and sanity

Routine has helped people stay in discipline, from corporate professionals to newbie mothers and people who were committed to creating the space for their morning routines. According to the majority of people who’ve had a fixed schedule, they observed they had more energy, could focus better and woke up every day full of motivation due to their pre-designed schedule and tasklist. Thus proving how routine could prove to be of great help and how some rituals could help others stay sane in all walks of life.

Routines could be set on --

● On a personal level: Think about what activities people engage in on a daily basis. This could mean giving oneself 15-20 minutes a day to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the news or entertaining themselves. Making a green smoothie in the morning to kick off the day on the right note or simply carving out 30 minutes a day to exercise/ reading a book. Whatever people choose today, the point is to make sure they take the time to nurture themselves (whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally) on a daily basis.

● On a relationship level: The aim is to think about which activities or small things they can do to connect with others. It can be a romantic partner, family member, or with a friend on a social level. Making time to talk to someone and hearing about their day will help or other activities such as making a family meal, having a game night once a week, riding bikes as a family on Sundays are some ways to engage in a routine while enhancing the relationship.

● On a career/work level: It doesn’t necessarily have to be something to climb up the corporate ladder. It can be something to dig deeper into one’s professional dreams and goals. Maybe read a book once a month about something in people’s specific field of work. Or subscribe to a newsletter that’s connected to what they do. This can further include checking LinkedIn once a week and reading an interesting article or simply networking and connecting with colleagues every once in a while to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the professional field.

The important thing is to incorporate something in one (or all) of these areas, and make it something they can aspire to or get inspired to accomplish. Whatever it is one would like to include in their daily life, the aim should remain to make sure they integrate it well and write it down right now to get some extra help in establishing a routine. Checking something off one’s to-do list could be rewarding and incorporating it as a part of life will drive people towards a path of contentment and honest joy whilst being productive simultaneously.

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