In Conversation With Michelle Keane - Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Author

Through divine and angelic signs and assistance, I found seven natural underground springs on my land.

1. How did the idea of writing the book - 'Kingdom of Angels' germinate in your mind? Please tell us about the book.

This is my second book. The follow- up to my first book - 'The Discovery of Kingdom Water', was published in 2020. 

That story started back in May 2018, with a bottle of water filled from St.Michael's Well in Ballinskelligs County Kerry, Ireland, and a vision I had of St.Patrick. I knew that something very strange was happening me, but I've always been a spiritual and religious person, and so I simply accepted it.I don't know why I felt like that, it just felt natural within my soul.

I knew that my life was going to change, and it did. Through Divine and angelic signs and assistance, I found seven natural underground springs on my land.This became Kingdom Water, and the journey to create a business from that became the subject of my first book. 

Throughout that journey, the angel interventions and spiritual signs became more intense. As I learned from and about these signs, I knew I wanted to write a second book, and that this book be dedicated to understanding more about these angels, and the way they had come into my life. 

I followed a path that was laid out for me, on which I was guided every step of the way by my ancestors and the angels who came to me in visions.I travelled far and wide - to India, France, Italy, Portugal and throughout Ireland, and learnt about the meaning of angels in many societies, religions and cultures. I began to understand the ways in which God moves his angels as messengers and comforters.

I have brought together everything that I learned on this quest in this book,Kingdom of Angels, because I want to show you that angels are in our midst all of the time, if only we choose to pay attention to them. This book will teach you how to recognise angels in your life, how to reach out to them, communicate with them and interpret what they tell you.

I don't know why any of this has happened to me. I have asked myself this question many times along the way, and part of me always will ask. But eventually I have had to stop questioning, and just accept that I was intended, by Our Lady and the angels, to write this book.

The book you are now interviewing me about is my honouring of these Divine instructions.It is the result of an angelic directive, and provides a nondenominational overview of who the angels are; their role in various spiritual texts  and religions; the way angels help us and we can call upon them; information on guardian angels and the archangels and frequently asked questions about the angels.

This book will teach you how to recognise angels and divine messengers in your own life. It  will show you how to reach out to them, communicate with them and interpret what they say.God communicates with all of us ,all the time, and in Kingdom of Angels, I want to show you the clear and easily -followed steps that enable all of us to connect with our own angels.

2. Do you wish to spread spiritual awareness through this book?

I suppose the fundamental message of my book was to tell my spiritual journey, my true story as it actually happened.On this journey I have realised powers in myself that at first, I could never have imagined. I have the ability to see the happenings of the future.God gives this wisdom and knowledge to very few people.Only those that have a kundalini awakening can experience what I have experienced.When a Kundalini awakens in a person, the chakras awake.Only then you can see the future and connect with God and attain self - knowledge.Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would experience a kundalini awakening or publish two books, and now I want this to inspire other people to believe that if you have faith and practice, you too could experience these things . I am an ordinary businesswoman, mother of two children. I never asked for any of this to happen to me. It is through the deep faith in my heart that all this has happened. I want this book to enrich and enlighten people's spirituality, to let them see there are greater forces at work.

3. Please tell us about your plans for your spiritual practices?

My plans for my spiritual practices are private to me, I have always had huge faith in Our lady and God and now with all my connections to all the Ascended Masters, Saints, spirit guides and ancestors, I will simply continue to pray and meditate and serve God and our Lady in helping people as I have always done with the past 45 years. Because the deep faith I hold in my heart nothing or no one can take this away from me. To answer your question, I have embraced it all and as I am now working with all the Ascended Masters, Saints, Spirit Guides and Angels and I think I will let them figure out & guide me in what spiritual role they want me to practice. I now realise after discovering kingdom water & having a Kundalini Awakening what my purpose in life is. On this journey I have realised many things, powers in myself that at first, I could not have imagined. I have the ability now to see the happenings of the future. God only gives this wisdom and knowledge to very few people. The only person that can experience what I have achieved to date, has to have had a kundalini awakening. When a Kundalini awakens in a person the Chakras awake. Only then can you see the future and connect with God and attain self -knowledge. The most important thing is to attain self-knowledge

4. How did you find your inner calling and follow it?

I feel like I was always destined to meet my Guruji Shashi Dubey  and connect with all these great Ascended Masters with his help. Six months before I ever knew who or what Shashi looked like, he appeared to me in a vision. When my friend Jack took a sample of Kingdom Water to show Shashi to India, immediately Shashi said this girl has to come to India for a week, so 3 weeks later I went with Jack to India and we stayed with Shashi and for sure it was an amazing experience. He told me how spiritually powerful I was. All my life I knew I was different & I knew that there was a piece missing to my jigsaw and now I know it was Shashi. He enriched my spiritual journey in so many ways, he gave me wings so I could fly on my spiritual journey. Far beyond my wildest dreams. I now know what my purpose in life is, many people come on this planet and never get to experience what I have achieved. I think I ended up in Delhi to find my Soul and my life’s purpose. Sometimes I look back on this journey and feel why me, why am I the chosen one & then I look in the mirror of my soul & I pinch myself & say why not me Why not Michelle Keane. I wouldn’t change a second for all the tea in China. I’m truly in 7th Heaven.

5. Many people feel we are human beings on a spiritual journey, and not spiritual beings on a human journey.Could you please shed some light on that, as the truth is we are spiritual beings on a human journey?

YES, YES AND YES & I believe the whole 10 Yards of it. 

The experience of darkness is such a different condition to light and is often sadly stigmatised. We are accustomed to beginning things when the light is turned on, when the sun rises and when open our eyes and adjust. Yet nature says the beginnings are in the dark. Life first is dreamt and vibrates in the absence of light. Our Body is just an instrument & we make the tunes, there are greater powers at work. I feel blessed and blessed each day to know that there is something more out there for beyond our wildest dreams.

6. Please tell us about the highlights which you have penned down in your book?

There are so many from The chapter Mary Queen of Angels, where I share my intimate connection with Mother Mary the visions I experienced with her and that throughout my life no matter where I travelled in the world, my connection with Mother Mary has always been so powerful, and how she guided my footsteps and my curiosity. 

I suppose I would have to say going to India to Visit the Ganges and making that Soul connection with Mother Ganga and connecting with all my ancestors, and making a huge connection with the great ascended Masters and seeing Our Lady appear to me in the Ganges completed the jig saw of my spiritual journey. I would say that I found my Soul & my life's purpose on the Banks of the Ganges. I would never have gone to to the Ganges without the encouragement of my Guruji Shashi Dubey, he showed me the path, and gave me wings so I could fly on my spiritual journey. It truly was a divine experience for me.Not everyone will feel the same. Not everyone will go there - in fact, nature will not allow some people to get it or even go there - but I did. That journey to Mother Ganges left a mark in my soul that will last in my heart forever. I feel so humbled and truly blessed.

7. Please tell us about your communications with Masters.

Two weeks before I ended up going to the Himalayas, Steve Jobs appeared to me in a vision in my bedroom and told me that I had to Visit Neem Karoli Baba Temple in Kainchi Dham and he also told me to order 4 books & that I was to bring one of these books to the Temple. I asked Steve which of the books I would bring & he said you would know. I remember phoning Shashi & telling him about Steve Jobs appearing to me & he said that I needed to go on a spiritual Pilgrimage to the Himalayas to get Blessings for Kingdom Water in the next two weeks. He said this is a very powerful message from Steve Jobs. The ironic thing is I had never even heard of Baba Kneem Karoli before Steve Jobs appeared to me. The day I was packing & leaving for my flight a courier landed with the first of the four books. It was a book called ‘’The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa’’. With this book in hand I took off on my spiritual Journey to the Himalayas starting in Neem Karoli Baba Temple in Kainchi Dham.

Walking into the Temple area, I noticed immediately how spotless the place is – this is the cleanest place on Earth. Everything is painted brilliant white. On strict instructions from my Gurujii Shashi as to how to conduct myself. I was advised ‘you need to pray and meditate for an hour in the Neem Karoli Baba’s bedroom’, and after that I had to meditate for an hour at The Neem Karoli Baba’s Statute, I did as I was advised. I prayed & meditated for an hour, with the book Steve Jobs recommended bringing, ‘’The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa’’. This Tibetans believe is comparable to the Mahabharata and the Bible. As I read and prayed, I heard a whisper that said ‘open the book to page 43 and read.’ This happened four times with four different pages. Each time, I did as the whisper told me and read the page. On each of the pages, the message had to do with life-changing spiritual reflection. When I finished praying in the bedroom, I walked over to the Neem Karoli Baba’s statue to meditate. This statute is so powerful. It is so life -like that at first glance, you think you are looking at a living person. I do not think I have ever seen such a beautiful statute. There is something Solemn about the eyes, with an expression of serene comprehension and compassion on the face. As I looked at the statute and prayed, the angels began showing me visions – the faces of Neem Karoli Baba, My Guruji Shashi, Steve Jobs and a man with a Stetson Hat. I was shown these faces several times and I felt this was a sign, a feeling that something good was going to happen. The visions were so clear, it was like watching a film. The visions went straight into my soul, and then I began to see the number 7 everywhere, I must have prayed there for another hour and I was so fortunate to take part in Aarti service at 7pm in this sacred Ashram. That night I stayed in the Woodville hotel, I went to bed & I could not believe how much of a connection I had made with Neem Karoli Baba and Steve Jobs. I felt blessed to have received their blessing on my spiritual journey with discovering kingdom Water. It was a huge affirmation again about the spiritual aspect of Kingdom Water and I felt with Steve Jobs now acting as my spirit guide and with Baba’s blessing there was no stopping me now. I fell fast asleep that night.

Throughout my journey through the Himalayas I made a huge connection with Mahavatar Babaji and I received many blessings from him on my journey with kingdom Water. He has said ‘’Be it so, I shall never leave my physical body. It shall always remain visible to a small number of people on this earth.’’

I visited a place called Adi Badri, a site of archaeological, religious and ecological significance, it is a group of 16 temples, belonging to the Gupta Period. Among them is the Narayan Temple, where a black stone idol of Vishnu, three feet high is enshrined. I walked into the Narayan temple and prayed and meditated for half an hour and made a huge connection with Lord Vishnu and received his blessing on my journey with Kingdom Water.

About 20km from Badrinath, the road was blocked by a mass rock and debris from a landslide. I packed an overnight bag and set off trekking through the Himalayas, with no phone signal and nothing to guide me only the local knowledge of rivers and pathways. I was ecstatic to be hiking through the mountains. The fresh clean air going deep into my lungs gave me such a burst of energy that I felt I could walk for miles. I eventually arrived in Badrinath and I headed straight to take a bath in the Sulphur springs before I went into the Temple. On entering the temple, I could not get over the beauty. Inside, it is so huge, that I felt it was the Las Vegas of temples, with all its bright lights flashing. I meditated for an hour and asked for a blessing of the local saint venerated in the temple. The next day I woke at 5.30 am for breakfast and I walked to the village of Mana, the last Indian village before the border with Tibet and China. The village of Mana is on the banks of the river Saraswati and I visited the temple next to the river. As I poured some of the Kingdom Water I had brought with me, I knew that Badrinath would always have a special place in my heart, as part of my journey of discovery. And Indeed, memories of these experiences awaken me even today and I feel the Himalayan mountains are calling me back.

Enroute from Badrinath to Devprayag, I visited the Dhari Devi Temple Located on the banks of the Alaknanda River where I made a huge spiritual connection with Goddess Kali and I made a promise to the goddess that when I had commercialised Kingdom Water that I would visit her again and bring a bell in gratitude.

On arriving in Devprayag, I stopped and got out of and took several photos of the spectacular scenery and my whole body started to vibrate. I began to cry. The feeling was almost overbearing at times and I could not understand why I was feeling like this. But the moment I set foot on the path down to the Ganges, I felt emotional, it was as though I could feel the sacred river run through my entire body. When I reached the river I just sat there & prayed. I had brought a small bottle of Kingdom Water with me and I poured it into the Ganges & got the blessing of the Ganges. This brought a wonderfully liberating and spiritual feeling. It was so powerful to know that Kingdom Water was now flowing through the Ganges. I again saw visions of Neem Karoli Baba, Steve Jobs, My Guruji Shashi, The man in the Stetson Hat, My grandmother, Our lord, our lady, Sai Baba, Babajii, Saint Therese.

The journey through the Himalayas will last in my soul forever, no phones, no online presence. Electricity and running water became luxuries and the time alone was more intense than I had expected. I cannot say enough about the wonderful, powerful experiences I went through. The amazing people I met on my pilgrimage and the big connection I had made to all the Ascended Masters. To feel the amazing power of so many sacred places and people, was remarkable. It was a divine experience for me. Not everyone feels the same. Not everyone will get it, or even go there – but I did. If anyone asks me why India, my response will be simple: Go there. See for yourself. Life does not need to be changed, only our attitudes do, this is the real secret.

8. Are you planning to write another book? If yes, what will it be about?

Yes, I am planning to pen down another book, throughout this journey I have now realised that I can write a book and the fact that I have self-published the book all on my own and till date in 4 weeks since I launched the book in Ireland 648,000 people have read it, that’s not a bad statistic considering we have a population of 4 million people. People now from India, USA, France and as far away have ordered my book online at & on amazon, I know now that I have been born with the gift of writing. The Angels have already divinely guided me on the subject matter for my third book,  I look forward to writing about it as not many people are privileged to get to see what I see & then write a book on it, I feel truly blessed.

9. Lastly, please tell us about how the book is structured and if you have mentioned Karma, Astral Planes, Communications with Masters, Healing and a wide number of things related to our spiritual wellness?

Kingdom of Angels is Michelle Keane’s second book. It is an intimate look at the mysteries of angelic interventions in human life. Part spiritual guide, part cultural history, part personal story, Kingdom of Angels recounts the roles that angels and the Divine presence have played in human lives, from the apparitions at Fatima and Lourdes, to the angelic inspiration of Mother Theresa in Calcutta, the mythic city of Gyanganj to Tara Hill in Ireland and unexplained occurrences in the White House.

Along with these accounts are specific prayers, songs, mantras and meditations to help readers connect with the angels into their own lives, learn to communicate with and interpret them, and benefit from all the blessings this will bring.

In this true spiritual adventure and reference book, Michelle Keane writes about enlightened beings who can unlock the magical gifts within you. Here, you will read the power messages she received from Mother Mary. 

Michelle knew that the angels wanted her to write a basic primer on the subject of these celestial beings, and the book you hold in your hands is the result of that angelic directive, a nondenominational overview of who the angels are; their role in various spiritual texts and religions; the way angels help us and how we can call upon them; information on guardian angels and archangels and frequently asked questions about the angels. 

Angels live in the unseen heavenly realm.They have access to God, the supreme, whose presence dwells above the heavens, and nature.Though Angels have their residence in heaven, they are able to come to earth. The Mythic valley of Angels known as Gyanganj, and believed to be located where the Mount Kailash mountain range is surrounded by many lakes, is part of the heavenly Himalayan Mountain Range, and is believed to hide some of the deepest secrets. One such secret is the city of Immortal Beings. Even new age satellites and other mapping technologies have failed ot map it. Believers say that it is the celestial kingdom that influences the existence of humans in subtle ways whenever needed. No one knows when the gates of Gyanhganj will open again. It is truly a 4th dimensional place where many angles, like Babaji Maharaj, live. Only people who have a kundalini awakening can experience Gyanganj, although this is a place where every astral traveller wishes to visit. This un-invisible, untraceable sacred place is truly the Valley of Angels.

The Hill of Tara is one of the most iconic archaeological landscapes in Ireland. At Tara only a thin veil exists between archaeology and mythology, history and legend . Irish antiquarian Robert R. Callery described Tara as the font of our nationhood, the cradle of our faith, the seat of kings and the home of Saints.It is truly a hollowed spot with such a vista its no wonder that it became the ritual centre of Kingship and ceremony in Ireland. The Hill of Tara truly is the ancient soul of Ireland, the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age people all were there.

Michelle believes that each of us possesses a soul that exists after the death of the physical body.And that this soul returns time and time again to other bodies, in a progressive effort to reach a higher plane. She also believes that there are many dimensions, many different levels of consciousness where there are souls. The physical, astral and mental planes are the three worlds through which lies the pilgrimage of the soul, again and again repeated. There is no limit ot energy. The soul odes not have DNA. The continual inarnatiion and reincarnation of the energy of the soul into physical relaiity for the purpose of healing and balancing its energy, is in accordance with the law of Karma. The frame work of Karma and reincarnation is impersonal, and provides for each Soul - in response to the actions of its personalities - the experiences that it requires in order to evolve. 

One thing for sure, regardless of religion, all these divine places from Gyanganj to the hill of Tara, the Dingle Diamond to Devprayag, to the valley of the flowers these are all places where angels intermingle and meet and worship and still perform rituals on these sacred sites which were constructed for ritualisitic purposes. The craving to visit these sacred sites no doubt will stir the souls of generations to come.

No matter where you are on a spiritual or religious path; Kingdom of Angels is sure to deepen your understanding and love of angels. 

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