Kunkumadi V/S Kumkumadi

Find out the authenticity of Ayurvedic treatment oil for beauty rituals and skin health

The Ayurveda medical science has been a trusted weapon for taking care of our physical and internal health for ages. People rely on ayurvedic products to protect their skin from everything around them, especially climate change issues that cause the skin to lose its eternal glow. In addition, they always wanted to incorporate authentic & result-giving skincare routines into their lifestyle. However, among tons of products available in the market, one should be mindful enough to choose the right products for their skin, as opting for all-natural products that embrace the age-old traditions of Ayurveda is essential. Derived from ayurvedic relics, Kunkumadi taila (widely known as Kumkumadi in the market) is a must-have face serum oil that people should incorporate into their daily skincare ritual.

Ayurveda believed this facial oil to be a 'miracle elixir' with luminescent properties that make skin glow like a full moon when applied regularly. This facial oil rejuvenates and renews skin cells, visibly brightens, and offers us a youthful appearance. However, there's a lot of confusion between Kunkumadi and Kumkumadi taila currently available in the market.

Lets find out the differences between the two to seek the authenticity of this ayurvedic beauty oil for skin health.

Kunkumadi vs. Kumkumadi- the battle of authenticity

Kunkumadi is the actual name- Kunkumadi is the original name (not Kumkumadi) for this oil as per the classically mentioned ancient ayurvedic textbooks. The evidence of such claims can be traced in ancient books named 'Yogaratanakar', 'Ksudrarogadhikara' (page 740), and the Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India (API), an authorized book describing the manufacturing standards. These ancient textbooks showcase the authentic formula of real kunkumadi. Likewise, authentic ayurvedic companies dedicatedly follow the Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia to create formulations.

Kunkumadi has an original formulation/composition- The natural Kunkumadi taila is prepared with a specific process mentioned in the ancient text, with more than 20 herbs meant to provide a glow like a full moon. It has a blend of the finest Kashmiri saffron (known as kumkum in Hindi) and twenty other glow-boosting herbs like Lotus, Manjistha, Sandalwood, Lodhra, Ushir, etc. Moreover, Kunkumadi taila is curated in a traditional making process, handcrafted in small batches, and processed in authentic 'Murchit til tail' to keep its quality intact. This miraculous oil has been recommended by 'Renowned Vaidya's' for enhancing beauty in queens and kings for ages. It works unbelievably on the skin when authentically prepared, from its name to the process.

On the contrary, Kumkumadi taila flooded in the market is not made with all the herbs mentioned in the ancient formula. It only contains or highlights herbs like saffron and is processed in standard procedure. Most brands also mislead the consumers by not disclosing the entire composition on the pack, confusing consumers to choose right for them. Hence, the formulation of Kumkumadi taila is completely entirely different from the natural Kunkumadi taila.


When people purchase real Kunkumadi taila by considering the factors above, it does wonders for their skin. From replenishing skin texture, preventing signs of aging, and reducing blemishes, Kunkumadi taila is the one-stop solution for dull and damaged skin and for maintaining overall skin health.

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