Reclaim Your Health and Freedom The Natural Way

Pharmaceutical firms have traditionally looked for maintenance therapies that suppress symptoms but need to be taken daily forever and ever.

Natural medicine today is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. By some estimates 600 Billion USD is now spent on natural medicine and wellness, and that number was just 6 Billion dollars 15 years ago. Hence, it is fair to say that people everywhere are once again realizing the importance of nature in their health and freedom.

Pharmaceutical firms have traditionally looked for maintenance therapies that suppress symptoms but need to be taken daily forever and ever. Very seldom do we see a pharmaceutical medicine reach to the root cause of the ailment and cure it. Many still believe that pharmaceuticals are the only evidence-based medicine on the planet. However, can anyone ever live off synthesized pharmaceutical molecules for a month even? The answer clearly is “no” and these are the many reasons that people are once again turning to nature for answers.

Today there is no lack of evidence showing that nature can both support and sometimes outperform pharmaceuticals for the long-term management of a chronic ailment. However, there still tends to be a lack of funding for conducting such trials and seeing them through the approval process. The reason for this is that nature cannot be patented unless modified, and hence it makes no financial sense to prove a plant works when everyone else can sell the same plant. Governments should do it in the interest of public health.

Ayurveda teaches us about the pancha koshas or 5 bodies which are Physical (Annamaya Kosh), Etheric (Pranamaya Kosha), Mental Emotional (Manomaya Kosha), Intellectual (Vigyanmaya Kosha) and Bliss (Anandmaya Kosha). This model is actually way vaster than a physical or biological viewpoint, which has now even fallen behind our present understandings of physics. Any ease or dis-ease exists across these five bodies. This 5 body approach also explains how a thought or emotion results in a physical secretion, or how a physical accident leads to emotional pain. It also shows us why stress is one root cause common to all diseases. Hence, it is fair to say that any healing needs to happen across all 5 bodies.

Each system of medicine also has a primary point of focus and each has its strengths. These strengths only become weaknesses when practitioners believe that theirs is the only valid system. Western medicine is primarily molecular. Eastern medicine like Ayurveda and TCM focuses primarily on the energy flow of the body. Homeopathy is primarily informational. The information on a diluted molecule is passed on to the body and the body reacts to this information to find balance. This then fits into the E=MC^2 equation, which defines our universe as an interplay of Energy, Matter and Information. Combining these forms of medicine presents us with a unique opportunity to work across the spectrum of life, and across the 5 koshas. Every thought, emotion and action is ultimately one that leads us to ease our disease, and this awareness along with intake from natural systems of medicine is what can you reclaim your health and freedom.

This doesn’t mean one must ignore pharmaceuticals or their doctor’s advice. This also doesn’t mean one should be obsessively constricted on diet and living healthy, as such mental constrictions can themselves become an impediment to one’s health. It means that one should assume responsibility beyond what a pill or vaccine will do for you. This responsibility encompasses diet, exercise and meditation. This responsibility manifests as being. To be a human being means “no matter what happens, you know how to Be.”

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