Recovery Experiences & No Ageing: Evolving Living Transformations

The digital wellness ecosystem offerings like ‘slow journeys’ integrate all types of consumer needs and keep consumers engaged at all stages of life-span.

In the changing world we as humans are relentlessly seeking towards powerful practices of healing.  With diverse therapeutic services to choose from, our body, mind, soul requires time to repair and replenish. The sensitivity to deal with future brings the urge and desire for transformation. And yet many a times, the healing process is taken for granted when affordances trigger erratic lifestyles. 

The influences of the masters and gurus have been individualized and the learning experiences have been engineered while adjusting personal preferences of the seeker. The means of value enhancement regimes through food and treatments improves the efficiencies in the body and provides an understanding towards future living. The learning for seeker occurs through vocational roles within the training time which presents a range of life changing experiences. The bodily adjustments through practical trainings create impact and influences the genuine soul searching. 

In India, age old practices and preventive mechanisms have always stressed on a healthy mind in a healthy body. Accordingly, Indian traditional practices of ayurveda, yoga and meditation were aligned to deliver physical and internal well-being, mental peace and happiness.  India with its strong rooted past has been successful in ‘soul branding’ ayurveda, yoga, meditation and through wellness regimes portrayed a natural extension of the preventive approach to global audience.

Planning a ‘body holiday’ is nothing but a requirement for humans to live happy life and maintain fulfilment of personal objectives. Health and wellness perspective applies to pampering of mind, spirit, body while working and loving life.  The collective experience from immersive and insightful journeys   helps enormously in the recovery of injury or of neglected healthcare. The new world is full of emotional and tangible demands which lead to stress and other chronic diseases.  Similar to seeking salvation, for the soul, one has to travel both inside and outside for a transformational experience. For renewal of energy nothing is better than going on ‘Nutrition and Therapy Tours’ as a sort of committed journey for self-rejuvenation. Globalization with the advancement in time has added a multi-dimensional definition to the concept of wellness and recovery, encompassing the individual's desire for social acceptance, exclusivity and collective welfare. 

Consumption of right food is important to bring ‘no ageing’ factor alongside, minimizing impact on environment. Mother Nature offers birth, growth, and all transitional approach to all living beings and a vital part of this is the essence of being happy. The ‘pure experiences’ gained when surrounded by positive energies provide motivating and priceless insights to live quality life. The new normal motivation in the present unprecedented times is all about being healthy. The travel is yet to begin and there are several types of wellness products available to satisfy consumers in the coming days. The notion of ‘health consciousness’ drives the shift towards ‘no ageing’ patterns and lead to health enhancement. This transformation has been primarily influenced by changes in society increased awareness amongst individuals for the need in wellness pushing towards healthier lifestyles. Wellness brands in India have expanded many wellness segments beyond traditional and gender boundaries. 

The pandemic (COVID-19) in present times has triggered a worldwide lockdown and has infected several people globally. India has been one of the worst affected.  However, the nation’s diversity and uniqueness in tradition, culture and unparalleled hospitality has brought shift in societal lifestyles. In the meantime, there has been a colossal impact on the economy and especially in tourism and hospitality sector. Social entrepreneurship and ‘digital therapeutics’ have gained traction to provide a perceptive of the concept of ‘viral care’  for doctors, families and individuals constituting all stakeholders who are part of India and its citizenship. The industries which are trying to bring profitability by providing wider arrays of services are healthcare, hospitality, media, education and many more. The ‘digital therapeutics’ and diagnostics services meet consumer needs beyond medicine and include consumer medical devices for one touch access in state of medical emergency.

The public tiredness and data has been facilitated with fitness regimes, breathing exercises and ‘wellness experiences’.    So far the overall media has been opinionated on the health infrastructures, addressing lifestyle diseases with wellbeing through indoor fitness, leisure activities to emphasising spirituality.  There is a distinct consumer category in health and wellness genre where marketing standpoint varies from salons and beauty centres, cosmetic treatments, centers for ayurveda, homeopathy, unani, naturopathy, fitness, spa & slimming centres etc.  The younger generation, the new consumers, with their new taste to earnings have a continuous urge to look good and feel good, which in turn has led these young consumers to seek wellness solutions to meet lifestyle challenges. There still exists an opportunity for micro-segmentation to develop more targeted value propositions for consumers and commercialization of traditional Indian home remedies.

A constant companion with wellness is the food industry.  The ‘food consciousness’ and slow eating has given leverage to develop food products which can be replaced by medicines. The food producers are developing new kinds of relationships with retailers to get away from gimmicks and bring disruptive formats and innovative solutions for health betterment. The resorts and wellness centres are thriving with ‘wellbeing experiences’ business models which are activated both virtual and in-residence. No matter what we see as the new generation development in pharmaceutical and medical industries, there is a continuous effort to prove the benefits of Ayurveda. A direct impact of this has been an increase in employment opportunities as the requirement for qualified professionals is booming in the wellness industry and business providers are developing training capability for pro-wellness programs targeted to the consumers. Their prime objective of customer experience fulfilment is to bring a total transformation at physical, physiological, and psychic levels by combining the Indian concept of wellness.

The ‘therapy tours’ is an area to best experience India’s therapeutic and medical advancements which has carved the way for  international patients to visit for elective procedures as well as complex specialized surgeries. There are quite a lot of hospitals that have emerged the known names in the medical tourism business in India and are seeing a lot of investor interest, signifying the importance of medical tourism space. The facilitation of ‘recovery experience’ for patients has offered the pharmacy retail sector an opportunistic trend on the lines of e-commerce to sell products and pass benefits to customer while creating acquisition pipeline. Telemedicine is an evolving field and is tested in Covid-19 pandemic within the healthcare science wherein information and communications technology is used to deliver clinical care. This evolving field has especially helped address the challenges of timely healthcare delivery to rural and remote areas. 

The growing incomes, a faster pace of life, increased sedentary living, high work stress, rising pollution levels and consumption of unhealthy fast food are factors leading to a rise in lifestyle disorders. The healthcare industry is largely spurred by demand and complemented by tourism led hospitality-wellness units. Many private players are in the process of advancement in their facilities and also setting up new facilities with allied services like Ayurveda and Yoga to provide a complete healthcare package to enhance wellness offerings.  In past years, the low consciousness about body image, spending on rejuvenation was limited to the affluent but now the new world attitude has become a game changer for wellness stakeholders who develop products on the lines of hygiene related requests of the consumer.  The corporate sector is opening up to new opportunities for employees and create social impact boosting their on-ground engagements and marketing effectiveness.

Interestingly, yoga remains relatively uncommercialized in India, as compared to other popular yoga destinations such as Vietnam, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Singapore, which have seen new studios open in abundance. The customary and conventional products and services continue to appeal to the Indian consumer with modern sensibilities which is creating opportunities for businesses to charge high premium on personalised services along with committing health and beauty benefits. ‘India Green Tours’ is another opportunity to ‘bond with nature’ and know herbal or organic way of feeling energised through the surroundings of visited destination. Herbal medicines have recently being a more preferred medium of healing and this has led to an increase in demand for regions rich in biodiversity.

The world is now being pushed into yoga led existence that includes meditation, chanting, breath control, poses of yoga or asanas. Yoga is a path to enlightenment that dates back to 5000 years. It treats the person inside out unlike the west which looks at the body from outside, peeling it one layer at a time. Customer awareness has to get heightened with self-actualisation on healthy lifestyles and access to the ‘wellness experiences’ that has to get channelized with suitable services and resources for ‘wellness routines’.

The digital wellness ecosystem offerings like ‘slow journeys’ integrate all types of consumer needs and keep consumers engaged at all stages of life-span. The opportunities and challenges to create a seamless customer experience with a ‘soul back’ attitude depends on future technological advances and innovative strategies that concentrate on all aspects of ‘recovery experiences’.


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