Relationship Between Stress And Emotional Self-Efficacy

Educational stress and anxiety in students can come about because of several reasons which vary from one student to another

The average student today has the same level of stress and anxiety as soldiers who fought in the World War. This level of stress from a young age is baffling and appalling and is on a steep rise, making schools and other educational institutions prioritise the mental health of students first before anything else.

Educational stress and anxiety in students can come about because of several reasons which vary from one student to another. Being in a social situation, pressure for homework, peer pressure, lack of time management, poor diet, not enough family time, overscheduling of a child, or even too much or less homework can be leading factors that can cause both stress and anxiety. In present times, online influences via social media and the need to maintain an online “image” have driven students into stressful situations and have also been a contributing factor to anxiety.

Students manage stress mostly through a stress outlet that they have found. This can either be a hobby that they are pursuing like playing games, learning a musical instrument, listening to different genres of music, spending time with friends and family, reading books, exercising, etc. The basic principle behind finding a stress outlet is to subdue overthinking and healthily reduce stress. Schools now encourage children to take up extra curriculum activities that are mild and fun for students so that they don’t feel the pangs of being overwhelmed or anxious.

Stress or anxiety in students can also be curbed with proper amounts of rest and eating well as well. A lot of students turn to “chilling” as a coping mechanism for procrastination which is one of the main reasons why stress and anxiety start.

Stress and anxiety are proven to have a direct effect on the overall well-being of students including their diet, sleep, mental and physical health, their interaction socially, and overall academic performance. Sometimes, under high-stress situations, students show resilience in anything and everything school-related. A lack of engagement in academics, zoning out in the classroom, lack of enthusiasm and self-confidence in students, disinterest in pursuing one’s passion and disregard for one’s goal in life can be some of the adversaries of a student who is stressed or anxious.

Schools today have acknowledged and taken action to make sure that the environment in which students are in for the majority of the day is stress-free and a welcoming environment for everyone. Apart from setting up clubs, extracurricular activities and events which bring joy and entertainment to students, special counselling services for students have also been established.

Identifying the fluctuations in students in terms of their mental health is crucial in schools to help students cope. Since class teachers are the primary point of contact between students and the school, they are the best judge in looking out for any signs of agitation among students. Teachers should be trained to look into the signs and signals that students are emitting when in class like their concentration and engagement level, their body language when present in class, the type of interaction they have with peers, and review students’ academic performance over time.

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