Siddha Walk – Workshop On The Ancient Yogic Spiritual Practice

Siddha walk has the power to not only accelerate your physical health but can also elevate your mental and spiritual development

A workshop on the ancient yogic spiritual practice known as Siddha walk was conducted on 15 May, 2022. Siddha walk is a process where you walk in a specific pattern of Shape 8, in a particular direction, at a required speed with the right mindset. This pious technique of yogic and spiritual values is being revived for the very first time, by a Siddha from The Himalayas - Akshar. The workshop witnessed 1,000 participants who have pledged to practice this technique, and help spread the message of happiness, health and peace to all.

Benefits of Siddha walk

It is a dynamic system based on a scientific approach which can drastically transform the human body and mind. In siddha walk, the shape of 8 or infinity plays a very important and powerful role. This particular symbol of infinity or figure 8 also represents connection and how we transition from one task to the other. It represents action and consequence demonstrating how one act or one choice that we make today automatically leads to the next set of choices or tasks that we need to perform.


Himalayan Siddha, Akshar shared the origins of the Siddha walk with the eager participants. The knowledge has been transferred from Master’s Master and comes from the ancient scripture of Agastya Nadi. Maharishi Agastya was one of the learned sages who adopted the technique, researched its benefits and left the legacy of this practice for the humankind on this planet to adopt over the centuries through his manuscript, the Agastya Naadi.

The Siddha Walk – known with other synonymous names such as The Eight Walk, The Infinity Walk – was designed, envisioned, practiced and adopted by ancient scholar and Masters hailing from the divine mountains of The Himalayas, namely Bhagwan Vyas, Bhagwan Vashisht, Bhagwan Vishwamitra, Valmiki, Bhagwan Parshuram, Bhagwan Markandeya, Maharishi Agastaya, who have extensively spread the practices of Siddha Walk, with a single mission of the well-being and upliftment of humanity.

Method of Siddha Walk

The process of practicing siddha walk is to trace the figure 8 while you walk from the direction of South to North. This direction of walking from the South side to the north in this shape of 8 must be done for 21 minutes. After having completed the required duration of rounds you must then reverse the direction and walk from north to south for another 21 minutes.

In addition to the immense health benefits, Siddha Walk also provides practitioners a sense of direction. ‘Siddha’ means someone who is perfect or the accomplished one. Siddha walk is a practice to achieve this perfection and should therefore be implemented in everyday life. Shri Akshar ji not only reveals the practice to the world, but trains all on open platforms across the board, in a faithful attempt to continue its revival for the benefits and well-being of mankind.

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