Specific Things Women Should Consider Before Starting IVF Journey

Before planning for IVF one should get counseled by a specialist in detail

Incidence of infertility is rising day by day, so is the number of IVF cycles. Infertility is still considered as a social taboo, thus increasing the stress, anxiety and depression which further makes the treatment difficult. As most of the couples reaching to the infertility specialist are of advanced age with multiple factors of infertility, therefore IVF/ICSI is the best possible option for them.

Before planning for IVF one should get counseled by the specialist in detail regarding:

Best time to go for IVF, how it works, procedure, success rate, pros and cons, Do’s and Don’ts, how chances can be maximized etc.

IVF/ICSI is usually advised in cases:

· Advanced age

· Blocked, unhealthy fallopian tubes

· Unexplained infertility

· IUI cycles failures

· Low sperm count and motility

· Absent sperms - azoospermia

· Moderate to severe degree of endometriosis

· Anovulatory cycles

· Genetic disorders to prevent transmission to the child

How does IVF work

· Patient is counseled for the procedure, cost involved, duration of treatment and success rate

· Blood tests, ultrasound are done to check for fitness and hormonal evaluation

· Daily hormonal injections are started usually from day2 of bleeding. On an average patient take 9-10 days to grow multiple follicles

· When follicles size reaches 18-20mm, eggs are taken out vaginally under ultrasound guidance and general anaesthesia

· Patient is discharged after 2 hrs of procedure. Its painless day care procedure without any cut or stitch

· Husband is asked to give semen sample and eggs collected are fertilized

· Formed embryos are grown in the lab incubator and 2-3 embryos are transferred to the womb either on day 3 or day 5 depending upon the number and quality of embryos formed

· Embryo transfer is simple, painless procedure of 10-15 mins without any anaesthesia.

· Patient can go home ½ an hour post procedure

· Post embryo transfer there is no restriction of routine activities, no bed rest.

· Stay calm, relaxed

· Continue going to the office after 1-2 days of embryo transfer

· Can eat everything home cooked, except papaya, pine apple

· Rest for at least 30 min after inserting vaginal progesterone tab

· Inform in case have pain, bleeding, fever or any other unusual symptom

· Follow the given instructions carefully

· Patients coming from abroad can go back to their country 4-5 days after embryo transfer

· Patients who continue having normal activities have better outcome

· Post embryo transfer avoid unnecessary travelling and strenuous exercise

· Don’t stress yourself too much thinking about outcome

What can be done to improve the chances:

IVF /ICSI treatment can be challenging physically, mentally and financially for some. So, prepare yourself.

Physically –

· Regular exercise, yoga, meditation

· Healthy balanced diet

· Optimum body weight

· Avoid alcohol, smoking and junk food

· Take prenatal vitamins and antioxidants

· Adequate sleep


· Educate yourself regarding the procedure

· Give time to yourself

· Prioritize your work

· Seek for family and friends support

· Mentally prepare yourself to cope up with the failure also

Pros and cons

1. IVF is the safe procedure, complications are very rare and usually mild .

2. Risk of ovarian hyperstimulation is low, there are chances of multiple pregnancy depending upon number of embryos transferred.

3. Success rate is 45 to 60 %

Choose the right place

Choose the good IVF specialized centre equipped with all latest equipments, techniques and with team experienced clinicians and embryologists. The key of success is to adopt healthy life style and avoid stress.

About the author -

Senior IVF Consultant and Clinical Director at Ferticity Fertility Clinics.

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