The importance of water

Without water there is nothing as even our body is 70 to 75 percent water.

Satakshi Shiv Prasad Kukreti - Certification Aadi Yoga School, Rishikesh India, Ena's Yogic Healing Yog Institute, Ayurvedic therapist, Haritha Ayurveda Academy & Panchakarma Center said that as she was from Rishikesh, yoga picked her, she never picked yoga. “I was introduced to Ayurveda and I used to be very fat and unhealthy but it just happened to me – the switch to yoga.” She spoke about how much she loves yoga and how yoga is all about breathing. It is all about a good perspective, a positive mind, and this is something that doesn’t come in a day, one has to practice it religiously. “We are living in a world where there is too much competition and where people want to keep on their paths which is okay as yoga is a very good technique especially in the corporate life where sitting for long hours causes problem for our physical health. Every 40 minutes we should stand and take a 5-minute walk. She just wanted to say that as much as possible whenever people get time they should set a timer of 40 mins and walk when that alerts them. Everyone should at their own pace walk for 5 minutes, drink water as water is a blessing. Without water there is nothing as even our body is 70 to 75 percent water. And the elements which we are made up, which are talked about in Ayurveda and yoga all specify that water is a necessity as it cures half our problems.” She went on to talk about taking a break with food habits – like just eat fruits for one day a week. “As everyone already knows the benefits of yoga I won’t go into too much of it but I always suggest green tea as she makes Ayurveda green tea and that is the best thing I have adopted in my life. I am very happy and soon I will get everyone encouraged as much as possible to do the same.” 

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