Tips to keep heart patients healthy

Be aware of the symptoms you should be watching out for if you do have heart health problems.

As we enter yet another year in the shadow of the Covid virus, perhaps our health and that of our loved ones, is uppermost in our minds. A bulletin released by the American College of Cardiology in 2020 shared that people who have underlying cardiovascular disease have a higher mortality rate of 10.5 percent when it comes to Covid-19 than those who have an underlying chronic respiratory disease. Hence, heart disease is even more worrisome in the Covid scenario than in normal times.

If you suffer from heart disease or take care of heart patients in your family, here are a few precautions that will ensure a longer and healthier life:

· Speak to your doctor about remote patient monitoring:

The first thing to ensure your life continues as normal, is to consult your doctor about a remote patient management solution. This allows you to keep a check on your heart health while staying at home. OmnyTraq is a state-of-the-art Remote Patient Management (RPM) solution whose primary focus is on patients of cardiovascular diseases. As an AI Company, OmnyTraq tracks the patient’s body vital trends and generates an early warning score by using predictive analysis and enabling early detection of health deterioration for timely medical intervention to provide unmatched patient safety.

OmnyTraq consists of the following three elements:

1. A device that continuously collects key body vitals, processes raw data and communicates wirelessly with mobile devices through Bluetooth.

2. A mobile app called OmnyTraq for first level data analysis, display of body vitals, results, reports and delivery of alerts.

3. Cloud infrastructure called OmnyCloud for in-depth analysis, patient centric services, management of patients, and generating reports and alerts.

The device collects key body vitals, after first level data analysis, delivers data to mobile devices which in-turn transmits the data / results to OmnyCloud for the management and delivery of services to patients and healthcare professionals. One can find out more about OmnyTraq through their website

· Eat a heart-healthy diet:

By filling up on plants, steering clear of processed foods, opting for lean sources of protein, and choosing the right kind of fats to incorporate in your diet, you can improve the state of your heart health. Further, it is advisable to cut down on salt, keep the portion sizes small, drink lots of water every day, and curb the intake of alcohol.

· Exercise in whichever way possible:

Physical activity is the best solution for maintaining cardiovascular health at every age, with at least 30 minutes of exercise recommended almost every day of the week.

· Do not smoke:

Smoking causes atherosclerosis, therefore the longer you cultivate this habit, the worse it is for your heart health. Quitting at any point in time will lessen the effect, so quit now if you are keen to avoid health issues later in life.

· Stay away from stress:

To take care of your heart health, it is imperative for you to manage your stress levels and stay relaxed. You can follow a stress management program, practice meditation and some form of physical activity, or consult a professional to manage stress.

· Be open with your medical practitioner:

Be aware of the symptoms you should be watching out for if you do have heart health problems. Your risk for heart disease depends on many factors, but this could be exacerbated with some of the factors outlined above. Thorough check-ups and risk assessments are necessary periodically. Your doctor can also help you set and reach heart-healthy goals.

· Sleep well:

Over time, not getting enough sleep can raise your risk of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. In order to ensure better sleep, you can avoid nicotine and caffeine, maintain a strict sleep schedule, and keep your bedroom quiet, cool and dark.

By investing in a RPM solution like OmnyTraq and following these simple tips, you will be able to keep problems related to heart health at bay.

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