Wellbeing Nutrition And Disney Partner To Launch India's First Organic Kids Nutrition

Doctors and Nutritionists from the USA to build clean nutrition supplements that will nurture their little bodies through nature

Wellbeing Nutrition, India’s fastest growing Plant-Based nutrition company, has launched the world's first 100% USDA Certified Organic and plant-based melts® Oral Thin Strips range for kids. As a delight for kids, there are two distinct ranges launched that feature fan-favourite Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Panther, Thor and beloved Disney characters Anna, Elsa and Olaf on pack.

This 3-year-old start-up is helping parents address their child’s nutritional needs, while also helping kids above the age of six enjoy their daily supplements. The kids’ nutrition ranges have been formulated and developed in collaboration with Paediatricians, Doctors and Nutritionists from the USA to build clean nutrition supplements that will nurture their little bodies through nature. Nutrition-conscious parents will be happy to know that this range has been consciously and meticulously crafted using all organic plants, fruits, veggies and herbs sourced from over 20+ farms globally to ensure kids get the cleanest of what nature has to offer; not chemically synthesised/genetically modified vitamins. They will also like that the range is 100% sugar-free and made only using Monk Fruit and natural fruit extracts to ensure they are as delicious as they are nourishing.

Speaking on the launch, Avnish Chhabria, Founder of Wellbeing Nutrition, stated, “The aim was to find a nutritious solution that had enhanced bioavailability, used only bioactive ingredients, and were also appetizing for children. After over 2.5 years of fruitful research, we’re proud to bring you the first-ever, best-in-class organic, and 100% plant-based supplement in Asia, consisting of Multivitamins, Omega, Probiotics, B12 & D3, and a Clinically Studied Immunity Booster.”

Kids have always put up a fight to take their medicine, but with this easily-dissolvable strip format, they don’t need to swallow or chew tablets, since it melts on contact with saliva. To make it even more enjoyable for kids, the strips are available in all-natural, fruity flavours like tropical berries, Valencia orange, mango, cherry, strawberry and mint.

Each of these kids' nutritional supplements targets different needs and dietary shortcomings.

- melts® Advanced Immunity, like the name suggests, strengthens the immune system with the help of Natural Vitamin C, Zinc, D3 and Wellmune® - a yeast beta glucan clinically proven to strengthen kids’ immune system

- melts® Active Probiotic with 7 billion live active cultures and prebiotic fiber helps children fight digestive problems by fortifying the good bacteria in their gut.

- melts® Mighty Omega 3 (EPA/DHA) from Vegan Micro Algae and Lutein from Marigold Flowers help build cognition, memory and prevent digital eye strain

- melts® Natural B12 + D3 helps absorb more calcium, making kids’ bones and teeth stronger.

- melts® Multivitamins with Iron and 16 Vitamins & Minerals gives children the benefits of all vitamins and nutrients essential for growth and development.

By combining technology and nature along with featuring several popular Disney and Marvel characters on-pack, Wellbeing Nutrition is poised to take the market by storm and play a vital role in promoting a healthy lifestyle in kids. 

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