World Environment Day: Importance Of Sustainable Air Purification Solutions In India

Green or sustainable technology initiatives have been picking up traction considerably over the last decade.

Environmental health is important for public health, the economy and jobs. Air pollution in India causes economic losses of Rs 7 lakh crore (US$95 billion) annually, according to a study released jointly by Dalberg Advisors and the Confederation of Indian Industry. This is 40 per cent of the cost of tackling the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and about 3 per cent of India’s gross domestic product GDP.  

Of the world’s 30 most polluted cities, 22 are in India. Air pollution does not spare even the smaller cities in the south of the country, where air quality has traditionally been better. In north India, extreme air pollution events have become a seasonal phenomenon. Every October-January, for example, New Delhi and other cities across the Gangetic plain experience dangerous levels of air pollution. These pollution spikes are associated with increases in COVID-19 mortality, deaths due to heart and lung disease, infertility and both short and long-term cognitive impairment. 

Most countries saw air quality improve in 2020 as a result of measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. The key question for policy makers, industry and the public then is how can we maintain these air quality improvements without adversely affecting the economy or livelihoods? Reducing emissions at the source will always be the first and most important approach. Steps such as reducing vehicular emissions, increasing renewable energy mix, improved management of stubble and garbage burning and lowering industrial emissions all play key roles. However, the sheer magnitude of the pollution problem means that technological solutions will also be needed. As we approach World Environment Day 2021, it is important to discuss sustainable air purification solutions.   

How Sustainable Technology Can Improve Air Quality  

Green or sustainable technology initiatives have been picking up traction considerably over the last decade. So they’re better for the environment, but what exactly do they have in store for us? The woes of bad health, economic expense and compromised quality of life and work can be redeemed by using green technology. It comes with winning points like cost cuts, efficient output and operations, good health, a thriving economy, and a better quality of life for all. A sustainable air purification solution, properly implemented, can prevent the adverse effects of pollution.  

The Air Quality Index (AQI) uses parameters to precisely measure the level of pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone, etc present in the air at a point of time. This technology helps decide whether air purification is needed in a particular area or not. Air purification should be made in such a way that there is no further damage to the environment during the process. To serve a large area, we need inexpensive and highly efficient air cleaners that can effectively cover large areas such as industries, hospitals, airports, bus stands, hotels and traffic signals. Many organizations must adhere to air quality compliance standards, to avoid fines and reputational damage. 

While it might be a long time before we are fully aware of the nature of pandemics like COVID-19, what we do know is clear: to safeguard ourselves from current and future viral outbreaks, varied sectors and enterprises need to adopt strategies to improve indoor and outdoor air quality levels.


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