Yoga Gains Popularity During Pandemic As Women Turn To It To Help Beat The Blues: Reports

60% women turned to yoga as their preferred choice of exercise during the pandemic, 85% women agree that yoga helps to beat stress & anxiety, 75% women say that yoga can help develop a positive self image.

This last year, along with the impact on physical health, COVID-19 has led to many mental health challenges such as isolation, stress, anxiety and depression. This is highlighted in a recent survey conducted by Enamor, which finds that one in every two women say that the pandemic has affected their mental health in a negative way. Staying active and fit has helped a majority of the women fight the blues. Over 60% women actively took to yoga during the pandemic and say that they found it to be the best form of exercise to help beat the blues, given the lockdown conditions. An overwhelming majority, 85% of women agree that yoga can help to reduce stress, and manage anxiety.

These insights are based on a survey conducted with over 2200 women pan India, by Enamor, a premium lingerie brand for women ahead of International Yoga Day that is celebrated on June 21st every year. Enamor focuses on intimately knowing its customers and conducts surveys periodically to help it meet the evolving needs of the modern Indian woman. It’s range of athleisure wear is a wellness and yoga inspired range designed for an active life, on and off the mat. Enamor athleisure wear also looks fabulous at the same time and allows women to transition seamlessly from workouts to work wear.

Athleisure and ‘quarantine fashion’ have been on the rise during the pandemic as more and more people prefer to be comfortable, yet stylish working from home. Dressing the part is not underestimated by women. An overwhelming majority confirm the importance to ‘dress right’ for an activity that helps to improve performance. Nearly 94% of women say that wearing the right outfit to stretch does help to make a yoga session more effective.

The benefits of yoga are well understood by women. 70% of those surveyed agreed that yoga can usher one towards a healthy lifestyle and 60% preferred this activity over other forms of exercise during the pandemic for the multitude of benefits it offers. Not only does yoga help reduce stress and manage anxiety, it helps to build strength, balance and flexibility (53%), elevates mood (45%) and develops a positive body image (75%) that contributes enormously to mental wellbeing.

Women are taking to working out to stay mentally and physically fit. Over 60% of women surveyed claim to exercise more than 3 times a week. Many women (61%) also prefer to run, walk and jog to stay active.

“Health is the new wealth and the pandemic has brought home this truth like never before. Our survey clearly points to this trend with more and more women prioritising being active today to stay both mentally and physically fit. At Enamor our ethos has been to closely listen to our customers and to keep incorporating their feedback and preferences into new styles that has won us their love and loyalty. Enamor’s Athleisure wear is a yoga and wellness line especially curated for the modern Indian woman. It is smart, active, transition wear - everything that a woman needs to keep up with her active and hectic lifestyle – while looking and feeling fabulous!” said Sandra Daniels, Vice president, Enamor.

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