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10 Ways To Utilise Your New Year’s Resolutions For Spiritual Growth In 2023

One way to use a new year resolution to evolve spiritually, is to find a spiritual master, a Guru or a mentor

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5 Things To Do To Boost Your Wellbeing In Nature This Winter

For true wellbeing, we must go beyond the well-being of the body and the mind, beyond the material world to spirituality

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Why Discovering Yourself Is Good For Your Mental Health?

Happiness and peace are the key elements in having a great mental health but most people confuse happiness with pleasure

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Life Changing Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

The first life changing stage towards spiritual awakening is 'Self-realisation', to realise that ‘I’ am not ‘I’

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Why Is Relaxation So Important

Relaxation is a state of complete rest physically as well as mentally

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Improving Wellbeing Through Peace Of Mind

Every time a thought appears, just observe it and the mind will become conscious

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5 Ways To De-stress And Be Relaxed In Nature

The Divine power exists in every molecule of matter

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The Effects Of Depression On Your Body

Depression doesn’t just affect the mind. It affects the body of an individual too

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True Well-Being Is Beyond Momentary Happiness And Contentment

We think we are truly happy when in reality what we are experiencing are moments of pleasure, fleeting moments of what we think happiness is

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Why Do We Need Spirituality For Our Overall Well-Being?

Human beings are not meant to live in this material world just to exist

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India Has Developed 4 Indigenous Vaccines In Just 2 Years: Union Minister Singh

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) in Ministry of Science and Technology has through “Mission Covud Suraksha” has delivered four vaccines...

Harnessing Power Of Diversity In Workplace; 5 Benefits You Can't Ignore

Harnessing the power of diversity in the workplace comes with many advantages that can’t be ignored...

Nearly 76% Of Indian Population Suffers Vitamin D Deficiency: Tata 1mg Labs Data

Younger people are much more affected with vitamin D deficiency compared to the national average, the study says...

5 Reasons To Use Period Panties In Winter

Period panties stand out from the competition because they're comfortable, sustainable, and reasonably priced....

Union Health Minister Launches First Intranasal Covid Vaccine

A rollout of iNCOVACC is expected to begin in private hospitals that have placed advance orders...

How Meditation Helps With Inner Peace

Meditation's benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus and concentration, and promoting inner peace...

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