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Ambika Chawla

The author is a Clinical Psychologist, Kaleidoscope - a unit of Dr Bakshi’s Healthcare    

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Dealing With Loneliness During Holiday/Festive Season

Connecting back with old memories or relatives reminds us of the strong bond that we hold with each other, and how we feel about each other.

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Impact Of Pandemic On Mental Health Of Students: Social Isolation, Delayed Examination And Boredom

In young children and adolescents, the pandemic and lockdown have a greater impact on emotional and social development compared to that in the grown-ups.

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The Power of 3: How Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Therapy Can Stabilize Entrepreneurial Life

The secret formula to enjoying a work-life balance and keeping healthy despite working long hours daily is to include physically and mentally rejuvena...

Follow This Trendy Skin Rejuvenation Treatment - Diamond Glow Or SilkPeel For Your Glowing Skin

Silk Peel uses a delicate vacuum that exfoliates the outer layer of skin whereas the pores gap at identical times...

Enhance Your Skin And Get A Celebrity Like Body

There is a new Skincare Trend - Body contouring which has results visible immediately ...

Recykal Foundation To Transform The Lives Of 1 million “Safai Mitras” In India

Initiates a narrative change to recognize and dignify the contribution of ‘waste workers’ in India ...

Karkinos Healthcare Receives Investment For Development Of Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Investment with representation on Board of Directors, technical know-how transfer ...

Divine Soul Yoga Launches First Wellness Retreat Centre In Punjab

Divine Soul Yoga has recently inaugurated a new Ashram called the Solis Wellness Retreat at Hoshiarpur, Punjab ...

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