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What Meditation Can Do For Your Mind, Mood, And Health

The practise of mindfulness enhances health and adds to one's sense of fulfilment in life

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Meditation: A Simple, Fast Way To Reduce Stress

Meditation results in a multitude of reactions where blood is rerouted to muscles and unneeded body functions, like digestion, are shut down

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4 Ways Meditation Increases Your Productivity And Wellness

Stress is reduced, performance is improved, and self-awareness is made possible by mindfulness

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5 Steps To Mental Wellbeing

Yoga and other mindful exercises can help us achieve this goal because they promote a calmness that lasts for a longer period of time

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How To Boost Your Winter Wellbeing

When it comes to exercise, getting out of bed on a chilly day will be challenging in and of itself

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'Festival Of Wellbeing' Dwells On Ways To Stay Healthy

Being mindfully present in the moment is what is referred to as being wellbeing

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How To Find Mental Peace In 5 Steps

Happiness should not be determined by how many years you have lived, but rather by how much life you have experienced

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5 Things To Do In Nature To Boost Your Wellbeing This Winter

When it comes to exercise, getting yourself out of your cozy bed on chilly days will be a challenge in and of itself

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Meditation Is An Effortless Effort

When you start forcing meditation or trying to attempt it you will not be able to experience its conclusion

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How Meditation Can Be Used To Boost Health And Well-Being

We must use methods that exercise the body and the mind as well as the body in order to feel and profit from the immense advantages of yoga and mindful practices

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How Has The Wellness Industry Grown Post-pandemic?

About 80 per cent of the women are considering wellness as a part of their lifestyle after pandemic, says Palak Midha...

The Need To Maintain Work-life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not just necessary for a healthy life outside work; it is a critical contributor to improving employee prod...

Veganism: Where Did The Word Come From, And Why Does It Matter?

Veganism rejects all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty...

Revenue For Standalone Health Insurers Increases By 34% YoY

Premiums for general insurers fell over the previous month, while those for health and specialised state-run insurers increased...

PM To Inaugurate AIIA Satellite Centre In Goa

Ramping up educational facilities and natural medicine as well is the sole purpose of AYUSH currently ...

Junk Food Is Causing Deteriorated Mental Health Among Gen Z: Research

39 per cent of the children who consume junk food have also suffered from mental problems like anxiety, eating disorder or depression...

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