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Superfood For Winter Health

Instead of waiting for summer to feel energized to work upon healthy living, it’s better to winterize your diet.

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How To Improve Your Gut Health?

The composition of the microbes in the gut keeps changing depending on the diet we consume, how we feel, how physically active we are and our overall health status.

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Mental Health In Rural India: Observations And Ways To Go

It is to be understood that our communities, coupled with our scientific advances can lay the foundation for defeating the mass scale of mental health problems and rural India can emerge victorious after fighting this significant battle.

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How Eating Habits Impact The Heart Health Of Professionals

The change that the pandemic has brought in has enabled people to have a positive outlook towards healthy eating, which was other was considered dull and boring.

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Nostalgic, Retro Flavours Making A Strong Comeback

Here, we bring together the good old flavours from various food segments that are seeing a bold comeback.

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The Significance Of Stress On Gut Health

Our Gut (digestive system) is the biggest system in the body.

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Why Strength Training Is A Must For Seniors

If done regularly, strength training builds bone density and muscles to preserve strength, independence and energy.

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Vegan Vs Plant Diet – Know The Difference

A vegetarian diet involves a person who does not eat meat, or sometimes any food of animal origin.

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In Conversation With Noor Arora - Co- Founder Of First Water Solutions

Before the pandemic, our operations were mostly (up to 85%) offline. From management to retail, the modus operandi was extremely hands on.

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Ayurveda – A Boon For Mankind

The pandemic has made a majority of the people turn towards Ayurveda as a way of remaining safe and boosting their immune system.

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Spearheading Domestic Violence On A Global Stage

We hope that the Ministry of Women and Children will seize the moment on this issue that affects half a million women globally a large portion of whic...

Creating Wealth With Bach Flower Therapy

If there is anything that man has chased the most and yet has been eluding him, by and large ages, it is money, wealth and financial abundance. ...

In Conversation With Co-Founders Rahul Gupta (CEO) And M.P. Deepu (COO) of SeniorWorld

Most companies design primarily for the youth and the Silver economy is an ignored segment, SeniorWorld wants to change this....

Ayushakti Releases A Research Report On A Study Of Swasawin Asthaloc

The research highlights the benefits of Swasawin Asthaloc tablets that resulted in significant improvement in the Breath Holding Time (BHT)....

Glass Ceiling And Its Effect On Mental Health

The entire debate around the inefficiency of women because of their parted roles at home and at the workplace is itself unfair and patriarchal....

Happiness Comes Out of Peace Within

Peace starts in one heart - and spreads to the world. We always bring those things to the world which are part of us. ...

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