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Older Persons Struggling With Depression Age Faster: Study

The severity of a person’s depression seemed unrelated to their level of accelerated aging

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Storytelling Established Itself As Mental Health Healer: Sudhanshu Rai

Various research show that storytelling proves to be a psychological treatment for various disorders and to improve cognitive health

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Manasthali Launches New Initiative For Corporate Women; Adds Mental Health Programs

We aim to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues and encourage women to seek help when they need it, said Dr Jyoti Kapoor, founder nd director of Manasthali

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Tattoos Can Heal And Improve Mental Health

Some recent studies have even shown that people with depression and anxiety are more likely to be heavily tattooed

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Over-obsession With Happiness Is Misery: Gaur Gopal Das

Conversations around anxiety, stress, and depression have gained prominence. Reports suggest, six to seven per cent of the Indian population suffers from mental health issues

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25 States/ UTs Set Up 36 Tele MANAS Cells So Far

As per information provided by National Medical Commission (NMC), there are 13,08,009 allopathic doctors registered with the State Medical Councils and the National Medical Commission (NMC) as on June, 2022

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Mental Health Needs Positive Training And Support: The Leela Palaces' CBO

Anjali Mehra, Chief Brand Officer and senior VP of marketing, The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts said in a BW Businessworld interview that their wellness programmes embark on a lifelong commitment to holistic wellbeing

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The Power Of Live Storytelling In Mental Wellness

Storytelling has proven itself as a healer of mental health, a catalyst for mental wellness

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Managers Impact Our Mental Health Same As Spouses: Survey

In India, 25 per cent of employees state that they always have trouble getting started with their workday, and 26 per cent of them always feel exhausted by the end of it

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5 Bad Habits That Deteriorate Mental Health

Here are some habits that spoil the mental health, and can make people go into depression and also suicidal thoughts

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Vaccination Halves Risk Of Developing Long Covid: Study

Vaccinated participants had a significantly lower risk of persistent covid disease, nearly half, compared with unvaccinated participants...

India Logs 1,890 New Covid Cases In Last 24 Hours

According to the official release, 92.09 crore covid tests have been conducted so far, out of which 1,21,147 tests were conducted in the last 24 hours...

Revenue Of Indian Hospitals To Grow By 10-11% In FY23-24: Report

Revenues of private hospitals are set to grow 10-11 per cent in fiscals 2023 and 2024 on the back of healthy bed occupancy and sustenance of high aver...

Medical Value Tourism: An Add On To India's Economic Growth

The Indian economy could add USD 9 billion by 2026 through the use of traditional medicine, wellness, Ayurvedic therapy, yoga and wellness, combined w...

Maximising Your General Insurance Benefits for Optimal Wellness

General insurance provides a blanket of financial protection from the uncertain risks posed by medical emergencies, diseases, accidents, and more...

Nutraceuticals Has Evolved From Traditional Background To Scientific Field: Veera Health CEO

Shashwata Narain, CEO and Co-founder of Veera Health in conversation with BW Wellbeing said that nutraceuticals is backed by evidence and researches...

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