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62.2% Death Row Prisoners Diagnosed With At Least One Mental Illness: Study

The report stated that it was found that an "overwhelming" majority of death row prisoners interviewed -- 62.2 per cent, had a mental illness and 11 per cent had an intellectual disability.

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How To Use Music As A Therapy For Mental Calmness

Receptive and active music therapies are both being used extensively to treat medical and psychiatric disorders such as autism, dementia, schizophrenia, dementia, aphasia, and many more.

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Experts Suggest Tips To Deal With Depression

Be mindful of what you’re doing – stay in the present.

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How To Deal With Humiliation In Your Lives?

Every individual has a fear of humiliation. Everything we do is to avoid humiliation!

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Mental Health And Wellbeing Of Children And Adolescents During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Be it your local grocery runs or paying bills, Covid-19 forced all of us to go digital in every aspect of life.

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Teeing Up For The Leadership Challenges Of A COVID World

Leaders and their teams around the world have stepped up to think on their feet to ably manage challenges.

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Psychosis: Symptoms We Do Not Talk About

When the stress becomes so unbearable the person cannot go beyond the own spectrum of diction.

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Art For Wellbeing

It is an indisputable fact that art affects mental health. Discover why art therapy is so beneficial for mental health.

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Playtime With A Purpose: The Importance Of Toys In The Cognitive Development Of Children

It is important for the toys to be sustainable in order to reduce the tremendous amount of plastic slowly killing our environment.

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Don’t Be Practical Putting Emotions At Stake

Having a practical approach towards life has always been recommended as it encompasses skills to see the world as it is but it should not come at the cost of emotions.

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Spearheading Domestic Violence On A Global Stage

We hope that the Ministry of Women and Children will seize the moment on this issue that affects half a million women globally a large portion of whic...

Creating Wealth With Bach Flower Therapy

If there is anything that man has chased the most and yet has been eluding him, by and large ages, it is money, wealth and financial abundance. ...

In Conversation With Co-Founders Rahul Gupta (CEO) And M.P. Deepu (COO) of SeniorWorld

Most companies design primarily for the youth and the Silver economy is an ignored segment, SeniorWorld wants to change this....

Ayushakti Releases A Research Report On A Study Of Swasawin Asthaloc

The research highlights the benefits of Swasawin Asthaloc tablets that resulted in significant improvement in the Breath Holding Time (BHT)....

Glass Ceiling And Its Effect On Mental Health

The entire debate around the inefficiency of women because of their parted roles at home and at the workplace is itself unfair and patriarchal....

Happiness Comes Out of Peace Within

Peace starts in one heart - and spreads to the world. We always bring those things to the world which are part of us. ...

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