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Numerologist J C Chaudhry Launches JC Nummerro Application To Provide Predictions To Corporates

The JC Numerro App will aid the users with daily prediction, monthly prediction and yearly prediction.

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How Can Manufacturing & Construction Firms Maintain Air Pollution Levels At Their Workplaces?

By understanding the responsibilities towards the environment and the society, construction and manufacturing firms can limit the amount of pollution it collectively creates.

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Find out the correlation between the well-Being of employees and their strengths!

Strength-based development can prove to be commendable because of several reasons.

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Nurturing performance and productivity through a conducive work environment

When employees are recognized, rewarded, and valued for their efforts and contribution to the company, they are consistently motivated and committed to work to their best potential.

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10 Tips to alleviate your Child’s mental stress placed by Covid-19 pandemic

By following these tips parents and caretakers can alleviate their child’s mental stress placed by the current pandemic.

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5 Eco Friendly Gifting Options For Diwali

The world is making conscious choices and with the festive season engulfing us, amongst all the negativity there is a visible spread of awareness and an initiative to make this Diwali, a happy one for the environment as well.

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Why Mental Health Concerns Cannot Be Left at Home

A 2018 survey by TLLLF and Kantar Public indicate gross ignorance and lack of empathy among educated Indians.

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In conversation with Manbir Kaur, Executive and Leadership Coach, also a Conversational Intelligence(C-IQ) Enhanced Skills Practitioner and author of the book 'Get Your Next Promotion'

In my experience of working with executive and leadership teams, one of the big challenges they face is the leadership pipeline. They struggle with getting the right people, though they invest a lot of time and energy to seek them.

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When Crisis led to Employee Wellbeing: The Story of Tata Steel

It was the mid-1980s. India was still under License Raj. The growth prospects of India Inc. were severely restricted because of government policies.

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Sustainability Matters

The world in interlinked in ways one cannot imagine, something that we are all experiencing now in the era of global warming.

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Can yoga help couples sustain their relationship better?

Couples Yoga helps in revisit the intimacy in your relation. By support, stretch and balance with each other in yoga poses....

How can yoga help you regain stamina and energy soon after recovering from Covid? – Meditation for beginners

It is proven that yoga can help you in improving the lung capacity and improve energy in the body by increasing oxygen level through various breathing...

Does mental illness or anxiety affect women’s fertility?

Studies have shown that psychological illness can play a role in the ability to conceive and the ability to carry a healthy pregnancy....

Understanding essential nutrients for building women’s immunity

While balanced diets containing essential vitamins and minerals are critical to build our immune systems, shortfalls in modern diets can be met throug...

Tips to deal with anxious times

Learning how to adapt to pressure in a sound manner will make you, individuals you care about, and everyone around you become stronger....

Senior homecare services during the pandemic

The elder care market in India is worth $1.5 billion. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic senior homecare services are much higher in terms of the demand fac...

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