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5 ways to cure stress, anxiety and depression for a PR professional

Stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues are rife within the communications industry.

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The pandemic ,employee well being and how institutions must face the challenge

There is uncertainty about job security. Companies have laid off a large number of employees in a desperate attempt to ensure cost containment as revenues plummeted.

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Landing in Holland when you wanted to go to Rome

Usually, I try to be curt during such moments of deep work. But not this time, for I was eager to hear my 31-days old daughter back home who just came home after two weeks in neo-natal ICU due to her premature birth.

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Take Charge of Heart Health with Ayurveda

Ameve Sharma the Co-founder of Kapiva Ayurveda explains how age-old Ayurvedic wisdom can help one foster a healthy heart.

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Coronavirus and its impact on the healthcare business in the private arena

Immediately most hospitals saw a drop in the number of both elective and emergency cases causing smaller nursing homes to shut shop immediately.

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How Covid-19 is changing the world for children?

Covid -19 has reduced the social interaction drastically and it will surely have some impact on the behaviors and skills that children acquire through social interaction.

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Is Malnutrition a Proverbial ‘Elephant in the Room’?

India to achieve UN’s ‘Zero Hunger’ Sustained Development Goal by 2030.

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As DaanUtsav celebrations sky rocket despite lockdown, mental health becomes a core issue of discussion and support

All of which goes to show that innately no matter what the circumstances people truly love accessing this joy!

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Coronavirus Outbreak: Importance of Indoor Air Quality during Work from Home

Most of us believe that a quiet and calm place, with adequate lighting, decent internet speed and a fast performing computer system is all we need to augment our efficiency during work from home. However, we tend to underestimate the impact of indoor air quality on our work.

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In conversation with Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria, FRCS, MBA & Ph.D.] Founder Suasth Hospital, Healthcare Entrepreneur and Senior Liver Transplant Surgeon

There is no hiding from the fact that these past 180 days have turned the healthcare industry in over its head.

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37 Days, 9477 Miles, 19 States: Sadhguru Shares Experience Of Exploring Spiritual America

Sadhguru and his convoy of 16 fellow travellers travelled across the United States to discover spiritual America in order to get a better understandin...

Addressing Mental Health Concerns Should Be A Key Focus Of Employee Assistance Programs To Boost Productivity

Mental illness has a serious impact on workplace productivity. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), loss of productivity due to mental il...


Can money buy happiness? May be yes! Money can buy all happiness except few as some advertisement of many organizations says. Small routine products o...

10 Tips to alleviate your Child’s mental stress placed by Covid-19 pandemic

By following these tips parents and caretakers can alleviate their child’s mental stress placed by the current pandemic....

10 Tips To Alleviate Your Child’s Mental Stress Placed By Covid-19 Pandemic

Witnessing quarantine or work from home of parents or children themselves have short as well as long-term effects on behavior and personality. ...

Healing your relationship to your Ego: Do not kill your Ego; Heal it Instead

I have no time to battle ego and small minds. In many religious plus spiritual traditions, the ego is considered to be the part of us that is false, s...

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