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Why Mental Health Concerns Cannot Be Left at Home

A 2018 survey by TLLLF and Kantar Public indicate gross ignorance and lack of empathy among educated Indians.

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In conversation with Manbir Kaur, Executive and Leadership Coach, also a Conversational Intelligence(C-IQ) Enhanced Skills Practitioner and author of the book 'Get Your Next Promotion'

In my experience of working with executive and leadership teams, one of the big challenges they face is the leadership pipeline. They struggle with getting the right people, though they invest a lot of time and energy to seek them.

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When Crisis led to Employee Wellbeing: The Story of Tata Steel

It was the mid-1980s. India was still under License Raj. The growth prospects of India Inc. were severely restricted because of government policies.

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Sustainability Matters

The world in interlinked in ways one cannot imagine, something that we are all experiencing now in the era of global warming.

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Effects of Global pandemic on startups

Experts and gurus have found themselves in an equal quandary as this crisis poses unique situations that have no handbook or a reference from the past

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Going Back to Office After Partial Lockdown? This Is How It Can Affect Your Mental Well-Being

Are you one of them who is supposed to go to the office after a partial lockdown is announced? Then, here are some vital tips to enhance your mental well-being, and stay calm and composed. Read on to know more about this

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Shikhar Dhawan invests in SARVA - leading Indian yoga brand

This is the first-of-its-kind investment by a sportsperson into the brand that has earlier received funding from prominent names including Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

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In conversation with Aayush Poddar

Over the past few years, Daily Suvichar has impacted millions of people positively in a country as huge and diverse as India

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Eight Unique Books That Will Change Your Perspective

Here are the top 8 books; we think will keep you good company in this time.

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Engagement with employees as ‘Work From Home’ becomes the new normal

Creating communities, inculcating loyalty and making the work force feel part of the family are all very important aspects that companies focus on

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The pandemic ,employee well being and how institutions must face the challenge

There is uncertainty about job security. Companies have laid off a large number of employees in a desperate attempt to ensure cost containment as reve...

Personalizing Fitness: How the co-existence of virtual and physical fitness services has provided consumers with the liberty to customize fitness as per their needs

Due to the pandemic, many people shifted towards adopting virtual fitness and wellness services to build better health....

Landing in Holland when you wanted to go to Rome

Usually, I try to be curt during such moments of deep work. But not this time, for I was eager to hear my 31-days old daughter back home who just came...

The Fate of Credible Information in a Pandemic-hit World

While digital interventions have been a part of our lives for a while now, what is transforming is the way we are using them as a part of our healthca...

Rigidity versus Flexibility

As Bruce Lee said, “Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottl...

Take Charge of Heart Health with Ayurveda

Ameve Sharma the Co-founder of Kapiva Ayurveda explains how age-old Ayurvedic wisdom can help one foster a healthy heart. ...

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